13 May 2017

Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon 2016-17

To promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education through extracurricular activities, our school fielded two teams in the Hong Kong Product Design Makeathon 2016-17, organized by The Department of Industrial and System Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Secondary school students were offered an opportunity to design and invent products in the fields of  "Accessible Living (無障生活)", "Big Data Analysis (大數據)" or "Environmental Protection & Energy Saving (環保及節約能源)".  Our Secondary Two students used Littlebits (a set of electronic blocks which consist of sensors and motors) to build products to be controlled over the Internet.  One of our teams emerged as first runner-up in this competition which tested creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills.

List of Student Participants

Team One (First Runner-up)

Team Two

2E Lam Hiu Yau

2C Zhang Xinyi

2E Lam Hiu Yu

2C Wong Ka Yan

2E Liu Tsz Lok Dorcas

2E Wu Hi Tung

2E Ng Wai Yu Amanda

2E Jim Cheuk Ki