13 July 2020

High Achievers’ Award 2019-20 (Second Term)

It has been an unusual academic year with school suspension from February to May due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Despite the epidemic, God has always been taking care of us and providing us with more than what we expect.  Under the guidance of God, all teachers were able to carry out online lessons smoothly and engage students with the new mode of virtual learning.   

With the resumption of lessons at the end of May, the final examinations were successfully carried out between 22 and 30 June.  In addition, students with outstanding academic results were recognised for their diligence and dedication to their studies.  Awards were given to junior form students who ranked top three of each class and of each form.  As for senior form students, awards went to those who ranked top of each subject.

Award List  S1 – S3  |  S4 – S6