28 August 2018

S1 Orientation Day for 2018 – 2019

We are delighted to have new S1 students joining our Ying Wa family.  In order to help them adapt to the new environment, an S1 Orientation Day was arranged on 28 August 2018.  It began with a welcoming speech by our Principal, Mr. Kwan, followed by the sharing of the Discipline Mistress, Guidance Mistress and school social workers.  Students gained a deeper understanding towards the history of Ying Wa and the importance of upholding good character in addition to acquiring knowledge and skills.  These helped them draw a clear map for their upcoming journey in Ying Wa.  Many Guidance Assistants were invited to help in this event.  They treasured the time in knowing more about one another.  In the coming school year, 35 Guidance Assistants will continue the spirit of “To serve but not to be served” by offering the S1 newcomers their helping hands.