29 June 2018

STEM Expo Day 2018

Our school hall was transformed into an exciting expo venue by the STEM Education Development Team on 29 June 2018.  The theme of our first STEM Expo Day was 'Lower Carbon Footprint in School'.

Over the past months, the team of advisers patiently supervised 40 combined teams of S1 and S2 students who put their scientific theories into practice, and then proudly showcased their innovations for a greener and better future.  They applied scientific principles they acquired in the Science, Technology and Mathematics lessons to propose solutions for modern day challenges like waste management, energy efficiency and safer food production.

It was an amazing sight to see so many aspiring scientists and inventors eager to improve the world we live in.  The students also displayed their bilingual skills by explaining their exhibit to visitors in English and Chinese.  Even if not all teams succeeded in their experimental models, they got a feel of the scientific process involved and learned not to fear failure.  They also committed themselves to a lifestyle with a lower carbon footprint.  Most importantly, they had the chance to experience STEM education in a fun way.