A Redevelopment Album to Commemorate the Opening of the New Campus


SPACE for Transformation”

SPACE at Ying Wa now has a new spirit.

Gone are the rectangular blocks,
Gone are the rough terrain, barren slopes,
No more hard walls to contain us,
No more boundaries to confine us…

Terraces and steps gently flowing,
Pockets of living spaces,
Spreading out like leaves on a stem.

For students to grow, bond, blossom.
For teachers to guide, light the way.
For parents to come, share the care... 

A SPACE where the old meets the new,
A  SPACE where we feel grace,
This is the new SPACE that we celebrate.


Come, support us and subscribe to a copy of the Album.

This Album takes you on a guided tour of our new premises while connecting you -  through images of the old campus - to your school days and our shared reminiscences.  

This Album promises to be a visual treat as well as bringing you interesting stories about the redevelopment years. 

Proposed Publication Date: Campus Open Days (28-29 March, 2020)
Hard Cover. In colour. 100 pages 
Price: HK$180
Early Bird Price: HK$150 (More details will be announced soon! Stay tuned.)