115th Anniversary Musical - "The Nightingale" 音樂劇《夜鶯》







Absolutely fabulous! This was the unanimous praise on the lips of the audience at the Lyric Theatre on July 30 and 31 when they listened to the nightingales of Ying Wa singing of summer in full-throated ease. Together with our dancers and musicians, the performers in our 115th anniversary musical transported us into a realm of music, fable and vision. From the original and witty script to the beautiful music, from the graceful dancers to the breathtaking costumes, it was a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. It was a proud occasion for over 200 students and staff after months of rehearsals and promotion; it was a night to remember for one and all that turned out in support of our mission. A big thank you! This fundraiser was not just a fun-filled evening, but also brought in the funds for the school to achieve our vision to educate girls for the 21st century with the right campus, talents and values.

Nightingale Programme Booklet

Photo Albums
Dress Rehearsal: Album 1 Album 2
30/7: Foyer1 Foyer2 Performance Curtain Call
31/7: Foyer Performance Curtain Call
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