1.      To develop a good reading culture in school

2.      To help students improve their language proficiency

3.      To build a good foundation for academic development



A.   Students are encouraged to read regularly and widely throughout their secondary school days. They are required:
(i) to read books both in English and Chinese;
(ii) to record in their Reading Journal (on-line) the book information after reading each book;
(iii) to share their reading insight in their Reading Journal (on-line);
(iv) to maintain their Reading Journal (on-line) in good condition before they graduate from school so as to keep parents, teachers and students themselves informed of their reading progress.

B. Reading Journals (on-line) will be checked twice in a school year before the examination periods (probably in Jan and May) for school endorsement and school record purposes.


A.     $ 1 Book coupon will be given out for every 10 books read;

B.     Certificates will be awarded to students who have satisfied the following reading requirements within each of their particular school year:

Minimum no. of newspaper read in the school year
Minimum no. of books read in the school year



S 1 - 6

At least

5 pieces of news in English &

5 pieces of news in Chinese


At least

10 books in English &

10 books in Chinese


C.     Best Reader Award will be given to the best reader student of each class selected by the English and Chinese subject teachers;

D.     Reading Scholarships

Any certificate holder in the year may apply and compete for the above scholarships by submitting a written essay, either in English or Chinese, on their reading experience. Winners will be awarded with scholarships at the end of the school year.