The redevelopment project made a critical step forward when the Technical Feasibility Statement (TFS) was finally submitted to and accepted by the Education Bureau (EDB) at the end of June - result of months' of intensive hard work by the Building Subcommittee in conjunction with the consultant, especially during May and June when numerous rounds of feedback and queries from government departments concerned had to be promptly responded to and dealt with.

We are now waiting to get through the government's Resources Allocation Exercise (RAE). The result is expected to be known by October/November. If we succeed in this year's bidding, we could then proceed to the pre-construction preparation - one major task is to engage a consultant to work on the actual campus design. If we do not make it, we will have to wait for next year's RAE. Let's keep praying hard for a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, the School is planning to conduct a series of consultation on the project and actual school design to continue our dialogues with the various stakeholder groups.


ALICE the musical, the 110th anniversary student performance, was a resounding success at the Academy for Performing Arts on 24 July 2010, raising more than $1.8 million for the Redevelopment Fund from ticket donations and sponsorships. The 200-strong performance team comprising both backstage helpers and front-stage cast - actors, singers, dancers, and the orchestra - performed before two packed houses of audiences. The production was a joint effort of students and teachers who had worked so concertedly to make the event such a meaningful and unforgettable experience for all. To read more about the performance and audience's comments, see the official website of ALICE :

Apart from the success of ALICE, donations and pledged support to rooms and facilities received since the kickoff of the fundraising campaign amounted to more than HK19 million. Though still a long way to the target ($200 million), we are grateful for the positive and swift response that is so heartening - no doubt a great impetus to drive us forward.

For the latest list of rooms & facilities available for donation pledges, please check the relevant web pages:

We are also delighted to learn that graduates of various years are summoning collective efforts to raise funds among their former classmates.

More fundraising events are being lined up. Some will be organized by the School, and others with supporters who have offered innovative ideas and generous backup. We will certainly need your continuous support. Stay tuned to get the latest news.


In recent months Ying Wa made headlines in a number of leading local Chinese and English press, the radio and TV as we celebrated the 110th anniversary of the School. The plan of campus redevelopment was also reported. Clips of these media coverage can be found in the School website:


To respond to the expressed needs of alumnae to capture memorable images of the school campus before we say goodbye to it, the Alumnae Association (AA) organized a Photo-taking Day on 19 June 2010. The event attracted more than 800 graduates to return to their alma mater (primarily through the Facebook group), many of them came with their spouses and children. To view the snapshots of the day, visit the AA website:
( Similar homecoming events will be held later the year and in the lead up to the grand farewell. Check out the latest news in due course.


While Ying Wa's redevelopment is basically a project to be funded by public money, the government subsidy will cover only standard provisions available across the board to any aided schools. There are certain provisions, which will not be funded by the government, but which we believe are essential to maintain our long-cherished tradition (for instance, to maintain our full school-seating assembly hall) and to accomplish our education goals of nurturing young people of the new century - in particular to take into account future generations of students in the next few decades.

In assessing the fundraising needs, we have prudently considered the above. Specifically, the Redevelopment Fund will be used in the following aspects:


Campus facilities - to pay for the non-government funded portion of the new campus

Construction - to share the construction costs incurred for the non-subsidized portion (geographical challenges of the sites, not only one but two including the adjacent ex-Nethersole site, imply that ours is no 'standard' project of average cost)

Project management - a professional will be hired as Project Manager to assist the School to drive through the building project to ensure quality and timely completion

Reserve - for future recurring maintenance and further development needed


The School Council has set up a Financial Management Group to take care of the funds collected.