Some 200 closest affiliates of Ying Wa came together to witness the reaching of another milestone of the redevelopment project at the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony held at the construction site of our home base on Robinson Road. The occasion on 7 March 2015 came as a special moment for us to commemorate the founding spirit of the School so gratefully inherited from the missionaries of the former London Missionary Society (LMS).

The ceremony was well represented by members of the Ying Wa community that included the School IMC and School Sponsoring Body, staff, alumnae, parent and student organizations and the various committees of the Redevelopment project as well as the building project’s consultants and contractor. Officiating at the ceremony in her capacity as Senior Missionary in Hong Kong of the LMS was the Rev. Lee Ching Chee, our beloved alumna and former teacher, school chaplain, vice principal and school supervisor.

In spite of the challenges posed by the site formation and foundation works, the entire team has been indefatigable in driving the project forward. At the time of the report, the Contractor was gradually catching up with the delay arising from various unforeseen circumstances. Meanwhile, the building team has been spending much effort in exploring feasible ways to build extra facilitates that would help Ying Wa accomplish her long cherished education mission. To view the specially produced 10 minute-video on the process of redevelopment premiered at the 115th Anniversary Dinner, please visit :


The major fundraising activity of the year is the 115th Anniversary musical The Nightingale to be staged at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 30 and 31 July 2015. This original production is a collaboration of teachers and students. The excerpt previewed at the 115th Anniversary Dinner has reaped pleasing result. Ticket sponsorships received totalled almost $2 million. Visit our 115th Anniversary website to find out more about the musical and watch our students’ performance :

The planning of the next major fundraising event is already underway. Designed to be a fun fair styled event, the Spring Bazaar is scheduled to be held over the weekend of 19 and 20 March 2016 at the decanting campus. The Fundraising Subcommittee has set up a designated team to plan and execute the idea. High quality products are targeted to be the items for sale (such as branded goods and collector items) in the hope to generate more funds. While the occasion is set to be another homecoming event for alumnae and old friends, it will be a precious opportunity of community outreach.

As for the rest of the year, the popular Mrs So’s Private Kitchen and its “offspring”, the cooking demonstration class by Mrs So’s head chef, will continue to generate donations from generous supporters. Check out the schedules by visiting the following web pages:

Dinner schedule:
Class schedule:

As at the end of June 2015, the total donation received approximated $90 million.


The prayer team meets regularly together and in smaller groups to pray for the needs of the entire project. The annual Open Prayer Meeting, the 6th in the series since 2010, was held on 25 April 2015. Prayer items are posted regularly on the redevelopment website. If you are interested in offering your spiritual support by taking the project to your own prayers, do visit the following page to find out the needs:

The second volume of 《重建路上》 has been published. The electronic version is now available at The latest volume featured touching and at times inspiring interviews of many of those who have contributed to the redevelopment project in various ways. They included alumnae, staff, teachers, students and donors.


As Mrs. Ruth Lee will be retiring upon the end of the school year, there will be new arrangement for her position in the various Redevelopment working teams. Mrs. Lee will kindly remain in the Communication Subcommittee, Fundraising Subcommittee, Prayer Subcommittee and the Archives Task Group to continue her contribution as alumna. Her chairpersonship in the Communication Subcommittee will be taken up by the new principal, Mr. Francis Kwan, who will join the School Redevelopment Steering Committee, Fundraising Subcommittee and Prayer Subcommittee, and continue his presence in the Building Subcommittee, all in the capacity as Principal with effect from September 2015.