Mustering full efforts to the finishing line

The site work has been making progress in the last 6 months in a carefully-monitored speed.. Yet there have been geological challenges beyond our control. We are however very grateful for the dedicated and united team of professionals comprising alumnae in the Building Subcommittee, the consultants and contractor, for taking the project through rough seas.

The foundation and piling works are now proceeding in both Site A (Main Campus – Robinson Road) and Site B (extended campus – Breezy Path). We anticipate the building works above ground to begin in the second quarter of 2017.

With mid-2018 targeted as the handover date, the team is mustering full efforts towards the finishing line. By then we should be preparing for our return to the new campus for the 2018-2019 school year.

Looking on to the demolished school site from afar
(neighbour Hop Yat Church in the lower centre)

Creating quality space

Making quality use of the open space is one of our aims in designing the new campus. An amphitheatre will be built in a secluded corner of the campus where some boulders erected from the former school building will be revitalized. Not only will these natural features be reserved as part of our heritage, the quality space created will further enrich the learning environment.

The frangipani tree (雞蛋花) that used to sit beside the lower block entrance will be transplanted near the amphitheatre as one of our best remembered features of the old campus.

Amphitheatre in the Main Campus
(architect's drawing for reference only)

The frangipani tree (雞蛋花) is under care in the building site,
waiting for her new home to be ready.




The First-ever Spring Bazaar

The first-ever Spring Bazaar held in March 2016 at the decanting campus will go down Ying Wa’s history as one of the most cherished highlights in the redevelopment fundraising. Reportedly more than 10,000 visitors* came and enjoyed the fun-filled day and patronized a great varieties of goods ranging from handmade scarves to abalone, lifestyle goods to apparels sold at bargain prices. Over $1.7 million in revenues was collected for the Redevelopment Fund. From inception to realization, the Spring Bazaar was not only a dream came true but also a one-of-a-kind project that has helped cemented the loving bond of the Ying Wa family. (*headcount at the entrance)  

To recall this wonderful journey, view this specially edited 6-minute video that has captured many wonderful moments from the kick-off to the event day, and selected touching feedback from alumnae. ?

Close to the half-way

We are close to reaching our half-way target of $200 million as the total sum raised to date amounted to approximately $98.6 million. By then, it will be a day of joyous celebration, and none the least, a moment to remember the generosity showered upon us over the past years ever since we launched the fundraising at the 110th anniversary dinner.


The 7th Open Prayer Meeting for the redevelopment project was held in April, thanks to the dedicated support of the Prayer Subcommittee. Alumnae, teachers, students and parents joined hands to pray for the smoothness of the project and the wellbeing of everyone involved. The needs of the students and staff in school were also remembered. Find out our latest prayer items from the website and join us in your prayers :

Open Prayer Meeting on 23 April 2016