2016 has seen a year of challenges and perseverance for the building project. The foundation works have met with difficulties that were beyond possible pre-planning. Yet, day by day, the construction work on site is moving ahead in full swing in a bid to overcome each obstacle encountered underground.

At this turn of the new year, we are pleased to see lights at the end of the tunnel. We are glad to tell you that the building structures will soon be in sight above ground. According to the Contractor’s project programme, superstructure work will start as we enter 2017. 


With gratitude we announcethe good news of reaching the $100 million milestone in our fundraising. Until 31 Dec 2016, HK$104.6 million (52%) have been collected for the Redevelopment Project.

Heartwarming donations poured in from the Thanksgiving Dinner hosted in honour of the 50th Anniversary of the ordination of Rev. C C Lee, and Walk for Ying Wa initiated by former teacher and alumna, MsYau Ping Wai, who came all the way from Canada to materialize the fundraising move. More on the two occasions could be viewed from the School’s revamped website : 


Lately the School has also received generous giving in memories of past teachers and graduates amounting to more than $2 million. This is truly a testimony to the love for Ying Wa of her family.

With enriching students’ learning experience and drawing together the musical talents as the objectives, a fundraising concert has been planned for 22 April 2017 (Saturday) at the CCC Congregational Church, Causeway Bay. Promotion for the sale of tickets will be released in January 2017.

Meanwhile, a crossover project is being contemplated, and if actualized, will bring a new collection of school souvenirs that might include such trendy items as tablet bag and hoodie. More concrete details are expected in due course.


Eighth in the series, the next Open Prayer Meeting will be held on 29 April 2017 (Saturday) in the school hall of the decanting site. The annual event will continue to signify our unity in faith and prayers as we reach out to God’s guiding hand to overcome all odds in the course of rebuilding the school in situ.


A special task over the past months has been in the hands of the School Archives Task Group. Entrusted to look into the possibilities for the 1926 Block – once where Ying Wa’s pioneering kindergarten was located, and purposefully preserved as our common heritage in the new campus, the team has paid visit to similar setups in various organizations and met with experts in the fields to solicit views and advice on infrastructure as well as display themes so that necessary groundwork can be laid in the current stage.