The School formally engaged a Project Manager (PM) (Cartesian Architects Limited) in January 2011 to assist with driving through the redevelopment project.

Soon after the PM was on board, we speedily embarked on the selection exercise for the appointment of Lead Consultant and Quantity Surveying Consultant adhering to prescribed government procedures. The two consultants selected are:

- Architectural and Associated Consultancy : P&T Architects & Engineers Limited

- Quantity Surveying Consultancy : WT Partnership (HK) Limited 

Since the kick-off meeting in mid-April, the Consultants have been working closely with the Building Subcommittee with the expectation to produce and deliver a set of General Layout Plans for the new school design to bid in the second stage of the government’s Resources Allocation Exercise this year.


The Brick Campaign – From Bricks to Blocks – was launched among the students just before the Chinese New Year. Students and parents made contribution through promoting sales of the ‘Brick’ coupons (prints of artworks by Ying Wa students). The campaign was also launched among alumnae. Sale of the ‘Bricks’ was encouraging at the Homecoming Day cum Founder’s Day Dinner at Ying Wa on 26 March. The campaign will continue among alumnae till September.

An exhibition of painting and calligraphic works of alumna Mrs Amelia Wong (辛炯僖) organized by “Ching” Art Association (澄畫會) and co-hosted by Ying Wa has just been held at the Silcocks’ Hall on 30 April and 1 May. Thanks to the heartwarming support of Amelia for her alma mater, proceeds from the sale of her works all went to the Redevelopment Fund.


Following more than a year of dedicated efforts since the formal kick-off of the fundraising drive, we have as of 13 May 2011 received donations of HK$38.2 million, of which 90% are gifts to rooms and facilities to the new campus; the rest came from general donations and fundraising events. The School is grateful to have been able to minimize the cost of running the various fundraising activities with the generous support of some alumnae.

The chart below shows our donor sources:  


The Redevelopment website has added new features (eg. videos, fundraising update) and other slight enhancements. Do visit the platform from time to time to check out our latest news and sharing, or even write to us.
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