We are pleased to announce that the redevelopment project has made it through the government’s latest Resources Allocation Exercise (RAE), marking a critical step closer to our realization of the new campus. The upgraded project is now qualified to move forward to obtaining funding approval in the Legislative Council (LegCo).

In the months ahead, we will be working in full swing to complete the following tasks:

Anticipated time frame

Tasks to complete

From now till end of 2011

Agreement with the Education Bureau and other government departments concerned on the building design and cost matters

Late 2011 to early 2012

Pre-LegCo public consultation with the community   

April 2012

Approval by the Public Works Subcommittee (PWSC), LegCo 

May 2012

Funding approval by the Finance Committee (FC), LegCo

July/Aug 2012

Farewell to existing campus and decanting move

July 2016

Return to the new school campus


Alongside the preparation for funding approval, the Building Subcommittee (BSC) has been working closely with the consultants in developing the new school design. A consultation session was held in July 2011 for the architect to meet with members of the Ying Wa community to solicit views on the design approach and heritage preservation matters. There was no adverse comment on the design to be further developed, and the full in-situ preservation of the Kindergarten Block was also agreed by the majority.

To keep the Ying Wa Community abreast of the development, we have scheduled an update session for internal stakeholders on Saturday, 10 December 2011 (3:00 - 4:00 pm).  More details of the session will be announced in due course. Timely information will also be released via the Redevelopment website at each appropriate stage.

Image 1 :  An open view from the school building illustrated in the conceptual design  


Image 2 :  A proposed option of full preservation of the 1926 block 


An important part of the preparation now is to raise the required funds to cover the top-up portion to be included in the redevelopment project (i.e. items that are not government provisions). The School is expected to provide such financial proof by the first quarter of 2012 before the project can be submitted to the PWSC for approval.

To this end, the Fundraising Subcommittee (FSC) is drumming up efforts to meet the needs in time. Another round of the Brick Campaign ‘From Bricks to Blocks’ will be launched among students and alumnae. Some more fundraising plans are being lined up. Meanwhile we are also seeking opportunities to invite philanthropic donors in the community to participate in our project. We welcome alumnae and friends to give us any ideas worthy to pursue.

We are pleased to learn that our application to the CWM/Nethersole Fund (世界傳道會/那打素基金) for HK$1 million to support the establishment of a YWGS School/LMS Archive (英華女學校暨倫敦傳道會歷史館) in the new campus has been approved. 

As of the end of October 2011, the total funds received from support of rooms and facilities and proceeds generated from various fundraising initiatives amounted to about HK$42.9 million. A general profile is presented in the chart below.

Chart: Donations by source in percentage of total


Based on the latest situation about the new school design, the FSC has updated the Gift Opportunities List – there are sill some classrooms available for pledged support besides the multi-purpose room, rock climbing wall and more …… . Do find out what are still available from our website (http://www.ywgs.edu.hk/redevelopment/gift_opportunities.html). Act now and grasp the chance to participate in this meaningful project. 


Should the official procedures go smoothly, we expect to leave the present campus in the summer of 2012.  During the construction period, the School will continue to operate in a ‘decanting school’ – the former Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School in Sham Shui Po (previously decanting site for Pooi To Middle School and Diocesan Girls’ School as well). We anticipate to return to the new campus by September 2016. 


Parallel with the preparation for the move, plans are being made to organize commemorative occasions to bid farewell to our dear ‘old’ campus, which has so duly served every one in Ying Wa in the past decades. We will keep the Ying Wa community posted when the plans are in place.