With the approval of project funding at the Legislative Council in June, the building project is now gearing in full speed for the next important phase. The consultants are now working hard on refining the design and obtaining all statutory approvals for the building plans to pave way for the tendering procedure. We hope to see the contractor on site to start work in the first quarter of next year.

The challenge we learnt of however is the noted price surge in the construction industry. That may imply financial pressure on the School as funding promised by the government is capped at the approved level. The Building Subcommittee meanwhile is exploring options for cost savings without compromising too much the opportunities and potentials offered by the new design.

Here we would like to share with you a glimpse of the new school design. (More images can be viewed from the Redevelopment website : http://www.ywgs.edu.hk/redevelopment/)

    Image 1 : Entrance plaza with Hall Block on the right and Classroom Block on the left    
Image 2 : Library foyer looking over to the Victoria Harbour

Students and staff had a wonderful sent off on the last Student Day (6 July) in the Robinson Road campus culminated in a fun-filled farewell show that will prove to be one of the most treasured collective memories of all in Ying Wa.

The official door closing ceremony held towards the end of the Farewell Service on 14 July marked the fulfillment of mission of our beloved ‘old’ campus. To recall the atmosphere of the day, look up the photos on the School’s website. (http://www.ywgs.edu.hk/photo/1112/Farewell_Service/ )


As soon as the farewell curtain came down, everyone was up on their sleeves clearing up and packing. With months of meticulous, mind-boggling planning by the logistics team comprising teachers and staff, the School underwent a gigantic move that has lasted 12 days.

Despite the large number of outstanding minor repairs and fixing up, the decanting premises were ready to welcome students and staff for the new school year. Delightfully decorated with students’ paintings, featuring elements of the old and future campuses, the present school site in Sham Shui Po will be home to us before our anticipated return to Robinson Road in the summer of 2016.


Image 3:
Looking up from the playground –
large painting work of students keeping our connection with the ‘old’ campus


The Cantonese Opera Night held at the Cultural Centre on 16 October 2012 received very warm response. The successful performance featured renowned artistes in the field, both professional and amateur, some of them former Ying Wa teacher and graduates. While we were very pleased to have raised some $1.7 million through the event, what we valued most was the outreach to people beyond the Ying Wa community, and the joy of seeing the extent of help given, all on voluntary basis.

As the design has progressed to a more elaborated stage, the Fundraising Subcommittee has subsequently reviewed and expanded the Gift Opportunities. Some new areas such as an art gallery (藝廊) and a music corner (天籟角) are made available for naming. (See the Redevelopment website for the latest pledge list : http://www.ywgs.edu.hk/redevelopment/gift_opportunities.html). The fundraising team has been working hard to reach potential big donors. Referral from friends and supporters will be most needed and welcome.

As at 10 December 2012, donation received by the School Redevelopment Fund amounted to nearly $64 million. Though still a long way to our target, the generosity that has been showered upon us to date is nonetheless the best encouragement to drive us forward.