Since the redevelopment project succeeded in obtaining government funding (which is record-breaking) in the Legislative Council last June, the School has been working hard to keep to the programme timeline advised by the Consultants. A two-stage tender exercise was originally planned:

Stage (1) : Hoarding, demolition, site formation and foundation

Stage (2) : Construction of buildings and other internal works

The Stage (1) tender was issued in December 2012, expecting commencement of works within the first quarter of 2013.

The lowest bid price however turned out to be well above the sum allowed in the government's approved project estimate (APE); according to the Consultants' analysis, primarily due to two factors:

Escalating market prices due to the increasing number of construction works (and quite a lot of them are in fact government projects);

Greater difficulty of the works expected by the contractors given the geographical conditions of our site and such concerns have been factored into the pricing

After rounds of talks with the Education Bureau and the Architectural Services Department, we decided to change our procurement strategy, and a combined-contract tender, consolidating the works of Stages (1) and (2), was subsequently issued on 22 April 2013 to a total of 14 qualified contractors. If the returned tender price still exceeds the APE, we will seek the support of the Education Bureau to apply for extra government funding, implying another round of official procedures (similar to what we went through in 2011-2012).

The Building Subcommittee is now working closely with the Consultants to ensure all required tasks to be completed by early July to facilitate the application for extra funding. Meanwhile, the School management is maintaining close touch with the authorities in pushing forward the project. In this regard, we are extremely grateful for the supportive attitude and assistance of the officials in charge. In view of the circumstances, a delay in the completion has become inevitable. We hope to have more clarity on this by October.


We are pleased to report that one year after moving to Sham Shui Po, the operation in the decanting premises has gone smoothly. Our students and staff alike are adapting well in the new environment. The U-shape structure of the present campus is a bonus feature that has become the new focus of our community life well liked by many. Our efforts in preparing and transforming the decanting site into a welcoming 'home' base for all in Ying Wa, in spite of its location, size and other physical constraints, have been rewarded.


As at the end of 31 May 2013, donation received by the School Redevelopment Fund amounted to $67.7 million. The funds received are being prudently managed by the Financial Management Group directly accountable to the School's Incorporated Management Committee.

As more clarity on the project progress unfolds, the Fundraising team will be meeting soon to deliberate on the next round of fundraising drive. Seeking support from philanthropic donors in the community remains our major pursuit which has not been as promising as we have hoped. There are different gift opportunities for interested donors and the latest list is available on the Redevelopment website ( Pledge of support to rooms/facilities in the new campus is accounting for almost 90% of our present donation income. So, any referral of potential donors from you will be most needed and highly appreciated.