On 5 March 2014, the premises of our old campus at 76 Robinson Road was handed over to the main contractor, CR Construction Company Limited (華營建築有限公司). Five days later on 10 March, the handover of the site at 2 Breezy Path, where an extension of our future school will be built, took place immediately after the premises was handed over to the School by representative of the Education Bureau. A brief but solemn ceremony beginning with a prayer was held to mark the significance of each occasion.

Hand shakes to mark the historic moments at 76 Robinson Road (left to right): Mrs Ruth Lee, School Principal; Rev. Wu Ping Kit, School Supervisor; Mr Martin Law, Project Director of CR Construction; and Ms Esther Chow, Director (Administration), P&T Architects and Engineers. Looking on in the back are (left to right): Ms Lam Lai Bing, Moderator, Incorporated Management Committee of Ying Wa Girls’ School; Prof. Rebecca Chiu, Chairperson of the School Redevelopment Steering Committee; Ms Uson Chung, Chairperson of the Building Subcommittee; and Ms L C Wong, Vice-chairperson of the Building Subcommittee

A last snapshot in front of the ‘old’ Ying Wa. Here will stand, in a few years’ time, a modernly designed new campus, well-equipped to take Ying Wa on to its journey of education mission in the next decades.

Following more than a decade’s efforts, part of the ex-Nethersole Hospital (for years our close neighbour until its relocation) has become the site for our future campus extension. On 10 March 2014, Mr Barry Lau (Project Manager (SB) I) of the Education Bureau, handed over the keys of the premises at 2 Breezy Path to Mrs Ruth Lee, who then, representing the School, handed over the keys to Mr Eric Tang, Assistant Managing Director of CR Construction.


A contract signing ceremony was specially arranged at the Founder’s Day Dinner held on 21 March 2014 where members of the Ying Wa family including alumnae, school managers and parents, witnessed and celebrated the joyous, historic moments. Representing the two signing parties were: from YWGS Rev. Wu Ping Kit (School Supervisor) and Rev. So Shing Yit of the HKCCCC, Ms Lam Lai Bing, Moderator of the school’s IMC, Professor Rebecca Chiu, Chairperson of the School Redevelopment Steering Committee, and Mrs Ruth Lee (Principal); and from CR Construction Mr Terence Fung, Chairman and Managing Director, and Mr Li Kar Yin, Deputy Managing Director.