Since our handover of building sites to the Main Contractor in March, preparation for demolition of the old campus has gone swiftly underway. In this issue of eBulletin, we have captured some images of the works in progress over the last months. In the days to come, similar photos will be shared as we witness the gradual transformation of the school campus in the land where our founder built the first school.

Hoarding preparation (April)

Hoarding outside Robinson Road (May)

Popping works inside Old Block

Looking in : scaffolding of Old Block

Demolition in progress (June)

Hoarding works outside No. 2 Breezy Path (the future extension)

Photo credit: CR Construction; Mr Kenneth Lai


The Fundraising team is constantly exploring interesting and creative ideas to raise funds for the Redevelopment Project. As soon as it was launched at the Founder’s Day Dinner in March, Mrs So’s Gathering, an idea mimicking the popular dining concept of ‘private kitchen’, attracted widespread support from alumnae.

Another experimental effort initiated by Classes of 1983 and 2003, Cross Generation Matching Scheme has just been launched. Under the scheme, the senior class pledges to match donation made by their junior sisters in a ratio of 2:1. Alumnae interested in the idea may take a look at the pledge form ( or find out more from Cherry So of the School Office (2546 3151).

As at mid-July 2014, the total amount of donations received was close to $80 million.


Following the publication of On the Path of Redevelopment (《重建路上》) in 2012, the plan to produce a second volume is underway. An editorial team has been formed, headed by members of the Prayer Subcommittee. The new volume, aiming to be released next March in time for the 115th Anniversary Dinner, will feature interviews of people who have made contribution along the way. They would include teachers, alumnae, parents, donors and others who have given in one way or other.

In the words of the editorial team to prospective interviewees, the purpose of the book is summed up: “It is our wish that in telling your stories, we will be able to share to the others your wisdom and love so generously manifested in the way you give. They shall be the footprints of our common course in this wonderful journey of realizing Ying Wa’s dream of a new campus for the next generations.”


A special task team under the Communication Subcommittee is undertaking the production of a memorial album that will serve to capture the significant moments, stories and images during the redevelopment process. Some work has already started that included contents outline, design concepts, initial interviews, photo-archiving and regular photo-taking of the construction sites.