110th Anniversary Musical

Ying Wa Girls’ School

It is the weekly rat-tail race in Wonderland when people start their shopping spree with a formal dance led by Rabbit.  Mistaken for a teddy bear, Alice is cuddled but is immediately spurned when exposed as a human. 

Alice is told the story of a girl who will go to any length to attain the perfect body.  She looks in horror as the people re-enact the story of the girl’s ordeal.

Following Duchess to the Queen’s palace, Alice watches the Queen’s croquet game and is appalled by the amount of blood spilt for a tedious ball game.  Having won the championship for the 110th time, the Queen is miserable about the absence of worthy opponents.  Her mood lifts as her favourite, simply called Girl tells her about the Shock Market she is setting up with Duchess. 

Everyone is excited at the prospect of seeing their assets grow by investing in shocks, including Alice.  Little does she know that her refusal to buy the minibonds will land her in such trouble.

Famished and tired, Alice is delighted to join Hatter’s tea party.  Hatter, Hare and Dormouse lecture her on the art of killing time.  Their slumber is disturbed by the arrival of Duchess and her bodyguards Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  They have come to force Hatter to sign the contract to sell his land.  Duchess tells Alice her vision of building a cultural hub.  Though dazzled by the land developer’s pomp, Alice decides that she can easily help Hatter with a simple trick.

Scene 1

Scene 3

Scene 2

Story—Act 2