Farewell Day

We are delighted to announce that our Farewell Day will be held on 14 July 2018 (Saturday) from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm in our decanting site in Sham Shui Po.  To express our gratitude towards the community, we have invited our neighbours, alumnae, parents and friends to participate in this exciting fete!

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Topping-out Ceremony

Distinguished guests including representatives from the Education Bureau, School Council, School Redevelopment Committee, parents and alumnae joined principals, teachers and students to witness a milestone in the history of Ying Wa Girls' School, the Topping-out Ceremony at its Robinson Road campus on 24th March 2018.

Professor Chiu Lai-har Rebecca, Chairlady of the School Redevelopment Steering Committee, spoke about the grace of God steering them through many an unforeseen challenge during the four stages of their mission, from envisioning a new school on its historic grounds to securing authorization from various governmental bodies, and from construction to funding matters.

Sharing the joy on the project's completion was Principal, Mr. Kwan Hon-cheung Francis, who thanked everyone who has been supporting the project, and reaffirmed his school's commitment to following in the footsteps of Christ, 'To serve, but not to be served'.

The completion of the final roof at this site marked the end of a decade-long dream to transform the colonial school into a school of the future.  On the grounds of its state-of-the-art campus is a small hexagonal cottage which housed the first kindergarten in Hong Kong back in 1926.  The decision to preserve this structure embodies the school's policy of 'Revisiting its past; connecting to the future'.

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“STEM Challenge” – Best Performing Team Award

Six S3 students from the Aerial Photography and Technology Team participated in a STEM competition called “Community Connect – STEM Challenge”.  It was held by MTR and Junior Achievement Hong Kong.  Our team won the Best Performing Team Award and was offered the opportunity to visit MTR Corporation’s operations in Sweden in Summer 2018.

List of Awardees (Best Performing Team Award): Lee Chau Yee (3A), Liu Tsz Lok Dorcas (3A), Tse Yuen Shan (3A), Lam Hiu Yu (3C), Tai Cheuk Wing (3C), Au Tsz Ching (3D)

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Accounting Business Case Competition 17-18

Ying Wa girls again shone at the final of the HKICPA Accounting and Business Case Competition 2017-18 held on 28 April.  There were 474 teams from 111 secondary schools joining the competition in total.  Two teams out of the six finalists came from our school, and their oral presentations won them the Champion, 1st Runner-up, Best Business Proposal, Best Presenter and My Favourite Team Awards.

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Brick Campaign 2.0

Without the grace of God, Ying Wa would not have existed; without vision, our founder's work would not have endured, and without you, our school could not have been redeveloped. For this reason, we would like to appeal to all who have not had a chance to contribute to the Redevelopment Fund or to those of you who are able now to make an even bigger investment in the dream school. "Time is precious: treasure every minute." It's not too late to add your name or those whom you wish to honour to our donor wall. With a donation of HK$50,000 or above, your chosen name will be inscribed on a brick of the donor wall facing our heritage block that was built in 1926 to house a kindergarten. We hope, in this way, to unite the present and the past generations for our future students to emulate. Your lasting gift to the school is even more meaningful because it connects your past to Ying Wa's future within your present means. Together we can transform this property known in colonial times as Beauregard (loosely translated as 'beautiful sight') into a school blessed with divine and educational vision. Now more than ever is the time to act. Our appeal ends on 31 August 2018. Thank you.
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School Redevelopment

Latest Building Progress

While the School has been working very hard over the past years towards returning to our home site by the target date, the difficult conditions on the building site have posed immense challenges to our construction team. Nonetheless, we have tried our best efforts to ensure that each problem was solved with the best contemplated solution. 

At the moment, the good news is that all piling works, one of our last hurdles, have been completed, and the superstructure works in the main campus (Robinson Road) are in full swing while that of the extended campus on Breezy Path is already done. 

The School expects to start operating in the new campus right after the Christmas break in 2018. 

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中二戊班(2016-2017年度)林曉榆同學於暑假期間參加「少年太空人體驗營」。活動由香港太空館統籌,並由康樂及文化事務署、香港中華總商會、中國航天員科研訓練中心及酒泉衛星發射中心合辦。體驗活動合共八天,行程豐富,30名香港中學生參觀北京航天員訓練中心、酒泉衛星發射中心、國家天文台密雲觀察站和興隆觀察站,參加航天軍事專家孫錦雲教授主講的載人航天科技講座,製作模型火箭,接受一系列的航天員訓練,包括血液重新分佈訓練和太空廚房訓練等。主辦單位亦安排參加者與楊利偉、劉洋、王亞平及陳冬等航天員交流,令同學得到寶貴的學習機會。 林曉榆同學接受《人民日報》訪問


中二戊班(2016-2017年度)林曉榆同學於暑假期間參加「少年太空人體驗營」。活動由香港太空館統籌,並由康樂及文化事務署、香港中華總商會、中國航天員科研訓練中心及酒泉衛星發射中心合辦。體驗活動合共八天,行程豐富,30名香港中學生參觀北京航天員訓練中心、酒泉衛星發射中心、國家天文台密雲觀察站和興隆觀察站,參加航天軍事專家孫錦雲教授主講的載人航天科技講座,製作模型火箭,接受一系列的航天員訓練,包括血液重新分佈訓練和太空廚房訓練等。主辦單位亦安排參加者與楊利偉、劉洋、王亞平及陳冬等航天員交流,令同學得到寶貴的學習機會。 林曉榆同學接受《人民日報》訪問

Time is Precious, Treasure Every Minute.

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