Music Tour to Austria

With the aims of polishing up on our choir's performance skills and broadening their horizons, the Music Department organised a tour to Austria from 23 June to 2 July.  This year 23 members of the School Choir was accompanied by our beloved guide dog, Bene.  The 10D9N tour took in two musically important cities, Vienna and Salzburg.  In Vienna, our students attended vocal workshops by Mr Robert Rieder, who is a jazz musician and an ex-choirmaster of one of the Vienna Choir Boys' touring ensembles.  The workshops inspired our choir to reach new heights.  Students thoroughly enjoyed learning in this interactive way.  While in Vienna, students also got an opportunity to perform in Haus Der Musik.  In Salzburg, the School Choir visited University Mozarteum and performed in Grosse Saal and St Andrä Church.  It was definitely a happy and memorable experience in our school year.

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Dance World Cup 2017 (Finals)

After getting outstanding results in the Dance World Cup Hong Kong Qualifying Match 2017 and Asian Cup 2017, Ying Wa Chinese Dance Team and Jazz Team were qualified to enter the World Finals 2017 in Offenburg, Germany.  The World Finals 2017 is the greatest all-genre dance competition in the world for children and young people.   A total of 19 dance team members and 2 teachers of Ying Wa arrived in Germany on 23 June (HKT) to take part in competitions, sightseeing and attending masterclasses.

The performances of our Chinese Dance Team and Jazz Team will have worldwide live broadcast on 29 June and 1 July.  Exact timing will be announced later.

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Accounting Business Case Competition 16-17

Ying Wa girls shone at the final of the HKICPA Accounting and Business Case Competition 2016-17 held on 29 April.  Two teams out of the six finalists came from our school, and their oral presentations won them the Champion, Best Business Proposal, Best Presenter, Outstanding Performance Team Awards.

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A New Campus Will Arise

Ying Wa is aiming to move back to Robinson Road using a new campus in September 2018. The new campus, based on the solid foundation of the past and designed to the latest 21st century specifications, will give the girls of tomorrow an even more ideal, fulfilling, loving, Christian education. The new facilities will enable Ying Wa to keep to her traditions and yet be equipped to look forward, modernise, transform and reach new heights.

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Inter-school Basketball Overall Champion

The Ying Wa Basketball Team once again emerged as the overall champion in the Inter-school Basketball Competition this year, after fighting off a fierce challenge to win the Final Game for C-Grade on 8 April 2017 (Sat).  Congratulations!

Overview of results:

· A Grade: 1st Runner-up

· B Grade: Champion

· C Grade: Champion

· Overall: Champion

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School Redevelopment

Latest Building Progress

2016 has seen a year of challenges and perseverance for the building project. The foundation works have met with difficulties that were beyond possible pre-planning. Yet, day by day, the construction work on site is moving ahead in full swing in a bid to overcome each obstacle encountered underground.............

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《一帶一路 · 與我何干》校際比賽獲奬

公民教育委員會與歷史科合作,提名學生參加《一帶一路‧與我何干》中學校際綜合能力比賽。活動由香港專業及資深行政人員協會、一帶一路國際發展聯盟及新界社團聯會合辦,目的是鼓勵中學生關心社會事務,了解「一帶一路」為不同地區帶來的機遇。是次活動有超過20間中學參與,參賽者於四月二十九日上午出席專題講座,下午以手機進行網上答題比賽。本校三位同學 (中五乙班陳嘉蔚、陳穎欣、劉德怡) 積極參與,表現出色,分別在通識範疇及何干範疇獲得答題傑出奬。                                                              

《一帶一路 · 與我何干》校際比賽獲奬

公民教育委員會與歷史科合作,提名學生參加《一帶一路‧與我何干》中學校際綜合能力比賽。活動由香港專業及資深行政人員協會、一帶一路國際發展聯盟及新界社團聯會合辦,目的是鼓勵中學生關心社會事務,了解「一帶一路」為不同地區帶來的機遇。是次活動有超過20間中學參與,參賽者於四月二十九日上午出席專題講座,下午以手機進行網上答題比賽。本校三位同學 (中五乙班陳嘉蔚、陳穎欣、劉德怡) 積極參與,表現出色,分別在通識範疇及何干範疇獲得答題傑出奬。                                                              

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