30 May 2023

Hong Kong Student Association Award Scheme 2022/23

The Student Association (SA) was honored with the Outstanding Student Association Award and Award for Values Education by the esteemed “Hong Kong Student Association Award Scheme 2022/23” presented by Hok Yau Club.  Emerging as one of the four exceptional schools in Hong Kong to win the Outstanding Student Association Award, the SA was commended for their remarkable skills in youth leadership.  Moreover, the Award for Values Education recognized the effort devoted during the Thanksgiving Week to hold various activities in November 2022.

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29 May 2023

UNESCO Debating Competition 2022-2023

We extend our deepest appreciation to the English Department and their teachers for their commitment to academic excellence, which has led to the remarkable achievement of Chia Lok Yee (2B), Ko Cheuk Yan (2B), and Lau Sum Yin (2B) at the UNESCO Debating Competition 2022-2023.  The talented team completed three rounds of intense debates on motions related to children's well-being, education, art, and science before receiving the title of the First Runner-up.  We give special recognition to Ko Cheuk Yan, who was named Best Speaker in the grand final.  Their success is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and guidance provided by our English Department.

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20 May 2023

HKICPA Accounting and Business Case Competition 2022-23

Over 516 teams with 1,800 students from 125 schools participated in the HKICPA Accounting and Business Case Competition 2022-23.  Our teams submitted written business reports, analyzing company financial performance, industry competitiveness, and sustainability approaches.  Their impressive oral presentation earned them the titles of First Runner-up and Best Business Report awards.  These achievements indeed showcased their hard work, dedication, and commitment to academic excellence.

List of Awards

First Runner-up and Best Business Report:  Xu Lok Yi (5C),  Lau Nga Kiu  (5C),  Yim Sie Lam  (5C), Shih Maan Chi (5E)

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19 May 2023

中國文化常識問答比賽 2023


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12 May 2023

Visit to K-Farm

On May 12th, the Geography Department led a group of 30 Secondary Two students on a visit to K-FARM in Kennedy Town.  As the first urban farm in Hong Kong integrating hydroponics, aquaponics, and organic farming systems, K-FARM provided an exceptional learning opportunity for our students.  During the visit, they were exposed to various farming techniques and gained insights into the importance of sustainable farming practices in urban environments.  Students had the privilege of participating in hands-on experience planting and applying fertilizers in the farm.

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10 May 2023

Talk on LMS & Miss Helen Davies

The School Heritage Committee organized a morning assembly about the London Missionary Society (LMS) and Miss Helen Davies, founder of our school, on May 10.  With joint effort from the English Department, History Department, Music Department, Self-access Centre, and Civic Education Committee, four S2 and S3 students presented a multi-faceted performance that included drama, singing, and other creative elements to recount Miss Davies’ story of establishing our school.  The presentation showcased students’ excellent English skills, artistic abilities and creativity.  The audience indeed had a valuable opportunity to learn about the historical significance of the LMS and Miss Davies’ contribution to girls’ education in Hong Kong.

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9 May 2023


「港島區D1校際籃球比賽」女子丙組(C Grade)總決賽於5月9日(星期六)舉行。籃球隊上下一心,表現出色,並成功奪冠,為觀眾及支持者帶來了高水平的比賽。 至此,英華籃球隊已包攬甲組、乙組及丙組三項比賽冠軍,成為港島區D1校際籃球比賽全場總冠軍。能有此佳績,全靠籃球隊在疫情期間堅持不懈的努力,使得各隊員的毅力、抗逆能力和團隊合作精神均有所提升。我們深信籃球隊能夠再接再厲,不斷進步,在未來的比賽中持續發揮所長。

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9 May 2023

Piano Masterclass

The Music Department held the Piano Masterclass on May 9 at Silcocks Hall.  We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Cherry Tsang (曾捷麗博士), guest pianist, for providing invaluable advice and professional coaching to our students.  Thanks to her dedication and enthusiasm in teaching, the five selected students were able to improve their piano techniques, skills, and musicianship.  The event was a resounding success, and we are grateful to Dr. Tsang for sharing her expertise with our students.

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