7 June 2021

Awards of the Dance Team in 2019 – 2020 & 2020 - 2021

The Ying Wa Dance Team participated in the Dance World Cup Asian Cup 2020 & 2021, the 57th Schools Dance Festival, the 48th Open Dance Contest and the 56th Schools Dance Festival.  Due to the pandemic, all organising parties exercised very careful precautionary measures to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.  For instance, every competitor had to undergo a compulsory COVID-19 nucleic acid test in advance.    

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22 May 2021

HKICPA Accounting and Business Case Competition 2020-21

Ying Wa girls again shone at the final of the HKICPA Accounting and Business Case Competition 2020-21 held on May 22.  There were a total of 569 teams with 1,860 students from 114 schools participating in the competition.  Students had to submit a written business proposal to analyse business performance and recommend possible strategies to sustain a company’s growth.  Their oral presentation won them the Champion and Best Presenter Awards.

List of Awards


Hui Ho Yan (5A), Leung Yik Tung (5A), Ninglekhu Sesema (5A), Chua Chit Yin (5C)

Best Presenter

Chua Chit Yin (5C)

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28 April 2021

The Exhibition of Look:  The Graphic Language of Henry Steiner

S4 Visual Arts students and teachers attended an exhibition with a guided tour called Look: The Graphic Language of Henry Steiner in the Hong Kong Design Institution Gallery organised by the Hong Kong Design Institute.  Henry Steiner, an Austrian–Jewish by descent began his career in advertising, later became the design director of the Asia Magazine.  Both teachers and students were enthralled by his iconic work.  Besides that, they were very much impressed by Steiner’s creative journey of transforming unique graphic languages into commercial artwork in our daily lives.

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25 April 2021

Champion of the Innovation & Technology Award - My Interfaces with the Belt and Road Initiative

3 S5 History students (Lau Sum (5A), Wong Cheuk Ki (5B) and Leung Wing Ki (5E)) won the champion of the Innovation and Technology Award in the 2021 “My Interfaces with the Belt and Road Initiative” Integrated Abilities Competition (Inter-school Senior Secondary Students Division) organized by the Federation of New Territories Youth.  A total of 29 secondary schools from Hong Kong took part in the competition.  Students had to attend a total of three seminars with guest speakers from different tertiary institutions.  After the seminar, students had to respond to questions related to the theme of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  Not only did the students enjoy participating in competition, they also learnt more about global trade, investment and fi

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25 April 2021

Prizes of the Road Safety Poster Design Competition 2020-2021

A number of students took part in the Road Safety Poster Design Competition 2020-2021 organised by the Central and Western District Road Safety Campaign Committee of the Central District and Western District Police Force.  The prize presentation ceremony was held on April 25 and here is a list of awards received: 

  • Most Active Participation Prize
  • Cheung Lai Yan (4C), Champion
  • Lam Hei Tung (5D), First runner-up
  • Lo Zoey (4C), Second runner-up
  • Leung Wing Yan (3C), Meritorious Prize
  • Yan Tsz Ching (4A), Meritorious Prize
  • Weng Amanda (4E), Meritorious Prize
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27 March 2021

High Achievers’ Award 2020 - 2021 (First Term)

The academic year of 2020 - 2021 is the continuation of an unusual academic year with prolonged school suspension in the first term due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Under the guidance of God, all teachers were putting efforts to teach online and engage students with virtual learning.  With one-sixth of the student population back at school on a half-day basis after the Christmas holidays, the mid-year exams (S1 to S3) and mid-year tests (S4 to S5) were successfully carried out between January 11 and February 9.  Students with outstanding academic results were recognized for their diligence and dedication to their studies.  Awards were given to junior form students who ranked in the top three of each class and of each form.  As for senior form st

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24 March 2021

S5 LS Activity - Sharing by an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe

With the coordination of CEDAR Fund (施達基金會), the Kowloon Union Church (九龍佑寧堂) and the Liberal Studies (LS) Department, an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe was invited to share with each of the S5 class in March as to why he had to leave his home and the kinds of opportunities and challenges he has experienced in Hong Kong.  Not only had the guest speaker widened students’ horizon on an unfamiliar topic of seeking asylum, but he had also guided us to reflect on why we needed to show more understanding and sympathy towards different kinds of people.  The most impressive was that despite all the uncertainties and suffering that the guest and his family had gone through, he had not lost any faith in God.  He mentioned that life resembled staying at different hot

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18 March 2021

Awards of Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2020

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2020 was co-organized in November 2020 by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.  An online ceremony was held in March 18, 2021.  Luo Elysia Songen (5C) and Mak Cheuk Yin (5E) were awarded the Honourable Mention and Third Honour respectively.  The prizes recognized their conscientiousness and diligent hard work in studying higher level Physics.

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