13 September 2023

Sports Day (Heats) 2023

Blessed with good weather throughout, our Sports Day (Heats) was successfully held at the Wan Chai Sports Ground on September 13.  The opening ceremony, graced by Principal Mr Francis Kwan, was accompanied by a motivating address from Mr Ng Wing Wo, emphasizing the importance of friendship and joy in sports participation.  The Sports Day proceeded smoothly, showcasing remarkable sportsmanship and personal excellence from our students.  The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and high spirits as participants competed in various events.  We eagerly await the Sports Day (Final), where we will come together to celebrate more achievements and team spirit.

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12 September 2023

SA and Inter-house Election 2023-2024

At Ying Wa, we uphold the noble tradition of empowering students to realize their potential through service and leadership.  This year, 17 dedicated students formed the Student Association (SA) cabinet “Solidarite” with the slogan “Empathy in Unity”, while another group of 10 students established the Inter-house cabinet “Chatoyant” with the slogan “Uncover your radiance”.  With a shared passion for service, these student leaders embraced Ying Wa’s traditions and inspired their peers to cultivate confidence and unlock their own leadership capabilities.  Their efforts have strengthened the spirit of unity, fostering a deeper connection between the SA and the five houses of Ying Wa.

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6 September 2023

Inauguration of Prefects 2023

The investiture of 73 new prefects took place on Sept 6 during the morning assembly.  Head Prefect Tam Hoi Yan (5E) and Deputy Head Prefect Poon Nok Yi (5D) pledged on behalf of the Prefect Board to serve the school wholeheartedly and with a humble heart.  Prefects are responsible for maintaining discipline in school, creating an environment conducive to learning, and passing on positive values.  Moreover, the Good Class Scheme will continue in order to remind students to be punctual, to maintain discipline and cleanliness in school, and to behave properly. 

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4 September 2023

Opening Service 2023

Happy back-to-school time!  The annual Opening Service on September 4 signified a fresh beginning of a new academic year.  Our Principal, Mr Francis Kwan, delivered an inspirational address by sharing his summer activities.  Not only did he meet up with alumnae of different generations in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, but he also showcased his adventurous spirit by taking part in a thrilling activity — skydiving.  His boldness to try inspired students to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences.  In addition, Mr.

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10 August 2023

Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2023

Wong Pui Yiu, a graduate of 2023, has been awarded a prestigious full scholarship, the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2023, to pursue the Bachelor of Nursing at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The scholarship aims to encourage universities and tertiary institutions to admit exceptional individuals who have demonstrated excellence in sports, arts, and/or community service.  Pui Yiu has been a dedicated rope skipper since Primary 4, putting her talent on display by winning multiple championships both local and internationally.

Photo source: Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China (Click)

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10 August 2023

Awards of Write Her Future 2023

‘Write Her Future 2023’ was a programme organised by the cosmetic brand Lancôme in collaboration with local NGO Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK).  Through experiential learning, mentorship from business professionals, and entrepreneurship competitions, a team of five S6 girls achieved remarkable success.  Their innovative proposal utilised artificial intelligence (AI) to detect counterfeit make-up products.  This experience not only provided them with practical insights into entrepreneurship and digital marketing, but it also helped them discover their strengths and establish valuable connections, fostering personal growth.  The programme had indeed broadened young women’s horizons and empowered them to contribute to society.

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8 August 2023

Design for Sustainable Future Workshop

Four students participated in a two-day (Aug 8-9) workshop on sustainability and design thinking.  Organized by the Hong Kong Macau International Exchange Foundation and MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, the workshop gathered experts and students to explore innovative solutions for environmental challenges.

The workshop featured informative sessions led by industry experts, fostering an understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and their roles in creating a sustainable future.  Design thinking strategies and digital prototyping tools were emphasized, enabling students to tackle environmental issues effectively.

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6 August 2023

Smart City Study Tour to Singapore

Four S5 students emerged as the overall champion in the “Innovation for Smart City Competition 2023” organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  As a reward, the winners embarked on a 5-day study tour to Singapore from August 6 to 10, 2023, exploring urban development, smart city technologies, and climate change initiatives.

They visited renowned institutions such as the Singapore Land Authority, Centre for Nature-based Climate Solution, and Future Cities Laboratory.  Engaging with officials and scholars, they learned about geospatial technologies, land management, and climate change mitigation.  This firsthand exposure showcased innovative approaches to global challenges.

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