14 January 2024

CUHK Vex Robotics Competition

A total of 11 students from S1-3 formed two teams to participate in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Vex Robotics Competition.  Out of the 60 teams representing 40 schools, our teams successfully advanced to the final round, achieving the 11th and 13th positions respectively.  The competitions required participants to design and assemble a robot, then code it to complete designated missions.  Over the past three months, the teams put in tremendous effort to prepare for the competition.  They attended training workshops held at the CUHK and dedicated their Saturdays to regular robotics classes.  The competition unleashed students' abilities in problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

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13 January 2024

Careers Expo 2023-24

One of the main activities organised by the Careers Committee, the "Career Expo 2023-24," took place on Jan 13 and was attended by more than 140 mentees and non-mentees.  The opening speech, titled "A Fruitful Journey of a Speech Therapist," was delivered by Ms Law Chi Hin Sue Ann (羅子騫) and received highly positive feedback from the audience.  Following the opening ceremony, 55 alumnae and guest speakers from 21 different professions shared their work experiences and provided valuable information in various classrooms.  Participants had the opportunity to attend talks based on their individual preferences.  The event proved to be highly successful, with engaging presentations on work experiences and potential career prospects.

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12 January 2024

Inauguration of S3 Prefects cum the Mid-year AGM of SA and Inter-house

The investiture ceremony for ten S3 prefects for the second term of 2023-2024 was held during the afternoon assembly on January 14.  Ms Cheung, the teacher advisor of the Prefect Board, expressed gratitude to the outgoing S6 prefects and wished them success in their upcoming exams.  Following the S3 prefects' investiture, the Mid-year Annual General Meeting of the 75th Student Association (Solidarite) and the 33rd Inter-house Committee (Chatoyant) took place.

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4 January 2024

Visit to HKMA Information Centre

The Economics Department organized a visit to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA, 香港金融管理局,) Information Centre for 25 Secondary Six students on January 4. During the guided tour and interactive exhibits, students had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about the work of the HKMA and the history of Hong Kong's monetary, financial, and banking systems. This experience allowed students to recognize the significance of economic security and also provided them with interesting insights into Hong Kong currency.

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27 December 2023

International Biology Olympiad - Hong Kong Contest 2023

The International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest (IBO-HKC) 2023 was co-organised by the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE). The IOB-HKC is a competition held annually and it aims at promoting biology education in Hong Kong and providing challenging enrichment learning opportunities for students with high potential in biology. Our school was awarded as one of the “Best School Awards” and 5 Secondary Five to Six students were also awarded with different awards in the contest.

List of Awardees:

Best Schools Award - Ying Wa Girls' School

Silver Award - Chan Yan Hei Yannis (6D)

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23 December 2023

Humen History and Heritage Tour

The History Department organized a one-day history and heritage tour, in which thirty-one S4 - S5 History students and two Tourism and Hospitality Studies students were led to Humen (Dongguan, China) on Dec 23.  The tour included visits to the Opium War Museum (鴉片戰爭博物館), Weiyuan Fort (威遠砲台), and Humen Lin Zexu Memorial Hall (虎門林則徐紀念館).  During the tour, students deepened their understanding of the First Opium War (also known as the First Anglo-Chinese War), particularly the events surrounding the ban on opium in the mid-19th century.  They also learned about the strategic skills and methods employed in the warfare under the leadership of Lin Zexu, the Imperial Commissioner of the Qing Dynasty at that time.

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22 December 2023

Christmas Service and Variety Show 2023

In the Christmas Service and Variety Show held on December 22, we were honoured to have Ms Tong Wai Yee (湯蕙儀) as our guest speaker for the Christmas Service.  Ms Tong is an alumna of YW and currently serves as a minister at the Hong Kong Kau Yan Church.  She shared her personal journey as a YW girl, reflecting on the challenges she faced during her time at the school.  She also spoke about her career development as a kindergarten teacher and her current role as a minister, having studied theology.

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22 December 2023

YWGS & YWC Mixed Choir Performances

The Senior Mixed Choir of Ying Wa Girls' School and Ying Wa College recently showcased their talent at the Anniversary Concert of Ying Wa College and the Christmas Service at Ying Wa Girls' School.  On December 21 and 22, they captivated the audience with their renditions of "Cradle Hymn" by Kim André Arnesen and "New Year" by John Rutter.  Under the guidance of Mr Matthew Leung, music teacher at Ying Wa Girls' School, and Mr Ernest Hui, conductor of the Senior Choir at Ying Wa College, the Mixed Choir delivered two uplifting performances for the festive season.

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