14 January 2022

Inauguration of S3 Prefects cum the Mid-year AGM of SA and Inter-house

The investiture of eleven prefects from S.3 for the second term of 2021-2022 took place in the afternoon assembly on 14 January 2022.  The teacher advisor of the Prefect Board, Ms.

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31 December 2021

Awards of the Gifted Education Programme:  Maritime History and Curating

Two S4 history students, Lau Hok Yau Agnes (4D) and Cheng Sze Wai (4E) participated in a gifted education programme called “The Maritime History and Curating Programme (資優教育計劃:海事歷史與策展)” which was organized jointly by the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum from July to December 2021.  Not only did they attend lectures on underwater archaeology, maritime trade and history in Asia and the world, but their skills in research, curating and academic writing were also polished.  On December 30 and 31, 2021, they took part in the Student Work Exhibition and Curating Competition (舟遊亙古) to demonstrate their research findings and won three awards, including the Bronze Award of Outstanding Ship Model (優秀模型船), the Gold Award of Professional Jury Pri

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9 December 2021

Sports Day (2021) (Heat and Final)

This year, students and teachers had an absolute blast during the annual Sports Day at the Wan Chai Sports Ground.

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8 December 2021

S1 Brainstorm Inter-class Competition 2021-2022

On December 8, 2021, the Mathematics Department organized a S1 Inter-class Mathematics Competition, promoting fun in learning through educational games.  50 assistants from S3 to S5 guided the S1 to play board games that cultivate strategic thinking.  Not only was the competition filled with joy and laughter, but it also helped sustain students’ interest in mathematics.  

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8 December 2021

Talk by Mr. Paul McKenzie on Wildlife Photography

The English Department was delighted to have invited Mr. Paul McKenzie, who is a member of the Royal Geographical Society and a multi award-winning photographer, to speak on his “Wild Encounters Around the Globe” at the Mrs So Chau Yim Ping Memorial Hall of our Breezy Road Campus.  His pictures, taken in exotic locations all over the world, have been displayed by organisations such as Microsoft and the World Wide Fund.  S5 students were enthralled by his extraordinary travel accounts and his awe-inspiring pictures.  They also raised a lot of interesting questions to Mr McKenzie about his adventurous personality. 

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4 December 2021

Toastmasters Speech Contests 2021-22

The Toastmasters Speech and Table Topics Contests were held on December 4 at the Robinson Road Campus.  Twenty-five contestants from S2 to S4, eight student workers and six judges from the Toastmasters International participated in the event which was divided into Prepared Speech and Table Topics. 

The contests are held annually to provide a platform for students to shine and share their amazing speeches.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate actively so that their communication and leadership skills can be sharpened as well.  

Results of the contests (Click)

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2 December 2021

Christmas Card Design Competition 2021-2022

The Visual Arts Department and the Art Club organized the Christmas Card Design Competition, with a total of sixty four entries from both junior and senior forms.  In the competition, students got to demonstrate their art creativity and talent while expressing their blessings for Christmas.  Mak Hiu Yan (4E) was the winner and her masterpiece would be mass produced for internal sales.    

Results of the School Christmas Card Design Competition 2021 – 2022 (Click)

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1 December 2021

Premier of Fundraising Movie Gala – "To My 19-year-old Self" (Album 4)

On December 1, 2021, the premiere of fundraising movie gala – "To My 19-year-old Self" was held at the Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre.  Helmed by our distinguished alumna and internationally acclaimed director Ms Mabel Cheung, the film chronicles the growth of a unique group of Ying Wa students through their journey in secondary school – from their time in the old Robinson Road Campus to the decanting school in Sham Shui Po.  The film is an up-close and honest account of the coming of age of these youngsters who all have their own fascinating stories to tell.

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