Donation to support School Development

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Here at Ying Wa, we strive to ensure that our school is well-positioned to meet the challenges of contemporary society and continue to scale new heights to be a school of the future. We also wish to honour the vision of our founders to nurture successive generations of students with an all-rounded, Christian ethos.  As such, we rally your support in raising funds for student development. The fund will be utilized in supporting initiatives and offering educational experiences that include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Nurturing within our students the Christian faith and values that enable them to live a life of integrity and serve others in need.
  2. Enhancing students’ confidence and resilience through public speaking, debate, and MC opportunities.
  3. Preparing students to handle the increasingly complex and evolving world through STEM education and creative problem solving. 
  4. Encouraging students to live an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle through projects in energy and food conservation.
  5. Ensuring the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of students through mindfulness training, physical activities, and positive education.
  6. Engaging in heritage education through events or exhibitions held in the 1926 Heritage Block, the management of the school archive, and training of heritage ambassadors.
  7. Helping Ying Wa families foster positive parent-child relationships and household well-being through sharing of good and effective parental practices.
  8. Ensuring our learning spaces and infrastructure are inviting, inspiring, and nurturing for our students through maintenance and enhancement work.