Instrumental Development
Choral Development
Recitals and Concerts
Music Masterclasses
Venues for Rehearsals

Instrumental Development

Orchestra - String Orchestra, Wind Band and Percussion Ensemble

As one of the core music groups in Ying Wa Girls’ School, the Orchestra consists of students from S1 to S6.  It provides ample opportunities for students to perform on stage and collaborate with one another as a team.  Aside from full rehearsals, the Orchestra also rehearses in three groups which include the String Orchestra, Wind Band and Percussion Ensemble.

The String Orchestra is comprised of selected string players from the Orchestra who learn and perform works of various genre from different musical periods.  In addition to the String Orchestra, the newly formed Wind Band and Percussion Ensemble also perform a wide variety of repertoire for wind and percussion instruments.  The Orchestra performs in various events, including school concerts, chamber recitals, masterclasses, as well as the Speech Day.

Chamber Music

In addition to the large instrumental groups, the performance of chamber music has also been a focused development of the Music Department.  Students form ensembles of various combinations and perform on different occasions.  Professional coaching sessions are arranged for chamber groups.  The chamber music programme also provides them with chances to perform a much wider music repertoire and to learn more about chamber and ensemble music. 

Rehearsal of the Wind Band at the Silcocks Hall

Choral Development

Choral development has been an integral part of the Music Department.  In addition to participating in local and overseas competitions, our choirs also perform in events such as school concerts, masterclasses, exchange programmes and religious services.  

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir gather students who are interested in and are dedicated to singing.  Not only do students learn the importance of hard work and dedication in singing, but they also learn from the performances of other schools which help widen their horizon in music interpretations and musicianship.  The vocal training students receive during their first few years in school also serves as a solid foundation for the development of their voices.  

Rehearsal of the Junior Choir at the Auditorium

Senior Choir

Consisted of students from the senior form, the Senior Choir performs regularly in concerts and various occasions.  In addition to the professional choral and vocal trainings from music teachers, masterclasses are also held to allow students to learn from both local and overseas professional coaches.  In addition, the Chamber Choir recruits students from the Senior Choir who wish to further develop their vocal skills.

Chamber Choir

Music in Religious Services

As a Christian school, we value students’ participation in religious activities.  Choir members are offered valuable opportunities to perform in religious services such as the Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Service and Easter Service.  Choir members also lead the hymn singing in assemblies together with the pianists’ team. 

Music Tours

Music tours have always been one of the highlights of the Music Department.  Participants had the opportunity to benefit from performances and music exchange programmes with students from other countries.  The school choir joined the 10th Bratislava International Youth Music Festival and was awarded the Diploma of Gold Band.  Although tours were suspended in the past few years due to the pandemic, it will always be the main focus of the Music Department in the future.

Recitals and Concerts

School concerts are held regularly to provide ample opportunities for students to perform and unleash their talents.  Recent performances include the piano recital and the school concert held in 2022.

Piano Recital

The piano recital held on July 16, 2022 featured ten talented student pianists who performed pieces in various styles.  The recital marked the first formal concert at the So Chau Yim Ping Memorial Hall located at the Breezy Path Campus of our school, and it was successfully held with wide acclaim from the audience.  

Leaflet of the Piano Recital

School Concert

The School Concert, held on July 30, 2022 at the Silcocks Hall, was of a larger scale which included performances of the Senior Choir, Junior Choir, Orchestra, Chamber Choir, as well as instrumental ensembles.  Students and parents enjoyed an evening of enchanting music and spectacular performances from all the music teams.

Music Masterclasses

Masterclass with Dr Athene Mok

To raise students’ performing standard, the Music Department holds regular masterclasses for members of the choir and orchestra.  Two renowned musicians, Ms Vivian Ip and Dr Athene Mok were invited to hold masterclasses for choir members in 2022.  Students learnt a lot of vocal techniques and knowledge in choral performance.  The Music Department will continue to organize more masterclasses for the piano, singing and other instruments in the coming years so that students can learn from musicians from various disciplines, improving their skills and musicianship.

Venues for Rehearsals

Practice Room
Music Room

The new Auditorium (The So Chau Yim Ping Memorial Hall) located at the Breezy Path Campus is a regular venue for music rehearsals and performances for the choirs and instrumental ensemble groups.

In addition to the new facilities which include the grand pianos at the Silcocks Hall and the Auditorium, the practice rooms also allow students to rehearse solo or chamber music.  Students are free to reserve the practice rooms during lunch and after school.