Vice-principal (Academic)

Mr. Cho Kong Sang

At Ying Wa Girls’ School, we believe that each of our students is unique and has the potential to excel in diverse fields.  We strive to provide the best educational experience possible to enhance their development.  S1-S3 students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum.  For senior form students, a wide range of NSS subjects are offered to cater for their diverse interests, needs and aptitudes.  Apart from pursuing academic excellence, we give a lot of autonomy and opportunities to our students to take part in a variety of other learning experiences (OLE).  

Our professional and experienced teachers are committed to creating a caring and supportive environment which enables the holistic growth of our students. 

As a school of noble traditions and a long history, we pledge to uphold our excellent ethos and extend our success to new heights.

Vice-principal (Campus Management and Communication)

Ms. Chow Siu Fung

I am much blessed to have the opportunity to serve my alma mater in the areas of campus management and communication.  In Ying Wa, we are committed to providing a holistic education for our students that is focused on academic excellence and well-being.  We strongly believe that students can truly strive when they are healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

To realize these goals, our school is well-equipped to provide an engaging learning experience that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and care for the environment and those around us.  Our campus is strategically designed to be eco-friendly and purpose-built with ample spaces and opportunities for students to foster relationships and build many collective memories.  We fervently believe that by cultivating within students a sense of belonging to Ying Wa, we are laying the foundations for a strong and supportive community that past, present, and future generations of Ying Wa girls can take pride in.  

Looking to the future, we are blessed that Ying Wa is well-positioned to traverse the ever-changing world along with the challenges and opportunities that it brings. A future-ready education is no longer confined within classrooms. We are working tirelessly to empower engagement both within our local community and worldwide.  By actively engaging and serving the community, it is my goal to broaden the minds of our students so that they are ready to go out to make a difference with conviction and humility.

Vice-principal (Student Support)

Ms. Chau Chui Shan

Ying Wa emphasizes the importance of actualising students’ potential in their whole-person development.  We help students understand themselves and empower them to unleash their potential at different stages of growth.  The school offers countless opportunities for students to take part in all sorts of extra-curricular activities and community services to widen their exposure and develop their insight.  It is also our mission to build students’ resilience, foster their positive mindset and boost their confidence to be perseverant.   We trust, encourage and support students to take up challenges in life.