Vice-principal (Academic)

Mr. Cho Kong Sang

At Ying Wa Girls’ School, we believe that each of our students is unique and has the potential to excel in diverse fields. We strive to provide the best educational experience possible to enhance their development. S1-S3 students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum. For senior form students, a wide range of NSS subjects are offered to cater for their diverse interests, needs and aptitudes. Apart from pursuing academic excellence, we give a lot of autonomy and opportunities to our students to take part in a variety of other learning experiences (OLE).  

Our professional and experienced teachers are committed to creating a caring and supportive environment which enables the holistic growth of our students. 

As a school of noble traditions and a long history, we pledge to uphold our excellent ethos and extend our success to new heights.

Vice-principal (Student Support)

Ms. Chow Siu Fung

I am much blessed to have the opportunity to serve my alma mater in the area of student support. We are committed to a holistic approach towards students’ development, that is, each student is encouraged to strive to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. By providing a large array of educational experiences, we hope to inspire students to understand themselves better, enhance their capability to connect with others, and more importantly, empower them to make good choices in life. To support students in a fast changing world with contesting values is indeed a challenge to educators everywhere. We pledge to walk with our students with God’s faith, hope and love.