School Motto

Time is precious, treasure every minute.

School Mission

Founded by the former London Missionary Society, the school aims to provide students with education of a Christian character and of a high standard.

In accordance with its mission, the school aims are set: 

  1. To build a school community in which both staff and students learn to foster a spirit of mutual respect, trust, concern and co-operation. 
  2. To enable students to develop their intellectual potential fully, to think critically, to study independently and to communicate effectively in English and Chinese. 
  3. To equip students with the basic knowledge and necessary skills in technology and preparation for their roles as independent beings in society. 
  4. To provide students with the opportunities to come to know and appreciate the Christian faith. 
  5. To develop students' cultural and aesthetic awareness and artistic skills, and to develop their physical fitness and enjoyment in sports. 
  6. To cultivate in students a positive and healthy attitude to life, to help them acquire competence through accepting their own limitation and merits.

  7. To enhance students' sense of responsibility and commitment of school, family, Hong Kong community, China and the world.