Homecoming Day 2024

The Ying Wa Homecoming Day was successfully held on 16 March 2024.  The entire campus was filled with laughter and cheers.  The atmosphere was electric as more than 7,000 enthusiastic alumnae and friends of Ying Wa gathered together, creating a vibrant tapestry of colours and smiles.

The campus came alive with an array of activities.  Sports games were held on the newly refurbished fields, where alumnae from different graduating years showcased their competitive spirit and camaraderie.  Meanwhile, the Heritage Garden became a stage for music and dance performances.

The pinnacle of the day was undoubtedly the grand Opening Ceremony of the 1926 Heritage Block.  Transformed into the School History Room, it stood as a testament to the school's enduring legacy.

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Hong Kong Laureate Forum

Ying Wa Girls' School had the privilege of hosting the Dialogue with Shaw Laureates as part of the prestigious Hong Kong Laureate Forum from November 13 to 18, 2023. This enlightening event provided a platform for our students, as well as students from other schools, to engage in inspiring dialogues with renowned Shaw Laureates. We were honoured to welcome four distinguished Shaw Laureates (邵逸夫獎得獎者) to our school: Prof Michael Perryman, Shaw Laureate in Astronomy 2022; Prof Peter Hegemann, Shaw Laureate in Life Science and Medicine 2020; Prof Ehud Hrushovski, Shaw Laureate in Mathematical Sciences 2022; and Prof Jean-Michel Bismut, Shaw Laureate in Mathematical Sciences 2021. Each laureate shared their invaluable insights and experiences, motivating our students to explore a broad range of knowledge and embrace interdisciplinary learning. They emphasized the importance of remaining curious, driven, and open-minded.

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HKJC Chairman’s Scholarship

It is with great joy and pride that we celebrate the remarkable achievement of Wong Sum Yi, (Graduate of 2023) for her winning the Hong Kong Jockey Club (JC) Chairman’s Scholarship (香港賽馬會主席卓越獎學金) on November 2, 2023.  Being one of the selected 15, Wong Sum Yi was awarded this esteemed scholarship for her exceptional academic achievements, recognizing her dedication and commitment to pursue her undergraduate studies in Hong Kong.  The evening drew to a close with a heartwarming reunion with alumnae who were also JC Scholars from previous years.

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Smart City Study Tour to Singapore

Four S5 students emerged as the overall champion in the “Innovation for Smart City Competition 2023” organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  As a reward, the winners embarked on a 5-day study tour to Singapore from August 6 to 10, 2023, exploring urban development, smart city technologies, and climate change initiatives.

They visited renowned institutions such as the Singapore Land Authority, Centre for Nature-based Climate Solution, and Future Cities Laboratory.  Engaging with officials and scholars, they learned about geospatial technologies, land management, and climate change mitigation.  This firsthand exposure showcased innovative approaches to global challenges.

A highlight of the tour was the visit to the City Gallery and CapitaSpring, Singapore’s second tallest skyscraper awarded the President’s Design Award.  The experience emphasized urban greening’s importance, inspiring sustainable practices in Hong Kong.

Overall, the tour left a lasting impact, expanding horizons and fostering enthusiasm to advocate for positive change in our communities.

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School Redevelopment

After a long journey, Ying Wa has eventually embarked on a new page of its history in mid-March 2019 with the “Big Move” from the decanting site of Sham Shui Po back to our home – the Robinson Road Campus. 

Our new campus provides state-of-the-art technologies and an ideal spacious learning environment.  We will certainly use them to the best advantage.  Yet, what we treasure most is not the glamourous campus, but the all-round, Christian education that we provide – nurture the young minds our inherited core values and equip them to transform, to reach new heights and to meet the challenges of the contemporary society.

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中西區共有十一所中學於二零二三年十月至十二月間合辦了「聯校小作家計劃」,此計劃旨在培養學生運用巧妙且具創意的文字,表達對日常生活的所思所想,並提升其寫作技巧。陳奕雅 (中四丁班) 和唐小雅 (中四戊班) 參與了該計劃,並參加了由胡燕青老師、劉偉成博士和施偉諾先生主持的兩次大型文學講座。同時,她們還參與了計劃安排的兩個聯校創作班。在完成文學講座和創作班後,參與的學生需圍繞特定主題撰寫一篇具有活潑多樣性的文章,以展現與應試文章截然不同的寫作風格。陳同學和唐同學的文章獲得了極高的評價,已刊登在城市文藝雜誌第一二八期(可在各大書店購得)中。


中西區共有十一所中學於二零二三年十月至十二月間合辦了「聯校小作家計劃」,此計劃旨在培養學生運用巧妙且具創意的文字,表達對日常生活的所思所想,並提升其寫作技巧。陳奕雅 (中四丁班) 和唐小雅 (中四戊班) 參與了該計劃,並參加了由胡燕青老師、劉偉成博士和施偉諾先生主持的兩次大型文學講座。同時,她們還參與了計劃安排的兩個聯校創作班。在完成文學講座和創作班後,參與的學生需圍繞特定主題撰寫一篇具有活潑多樣性的文章,以展現與應試文章截然不同的寫作風格。陳同學和唐同學的文章獲得了極高的評價,已刊登在城市文藝雜誌第一二八期(可在各大書店購得)中。

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