Student Association
Inter-house Committee

Student Association

The Student Association was established in 1949 by our former Principal, Ms Silcocks.  As one of the oldest student bodies among local schools, the association takes pride in being pioneers in nurturing student leaders. 

Since its establishment, the association has created numerous opportunities for leadership training for student leaders.  With the aim of strengthening the bond and fostering a sense of unity between students and the school, the association organises a variety of extra-curricular activities every year.  It is the association’s mission to pursue students’ welfare and promote services in order to bring a fulfilling school life to students.

The association is well-established and composed of a 9-member core committee and 5 departments, namely the Press Committee, the Programme Committee, the Promotion Committee, the Sports Committee and the Welfare Committee.  All committee members are elected by schoolmates and inaugurated in early October, which marks the start of their term of office.  Invested with the office in the 2019-20 school year was the cabinet VOCA, whose mission was to bring out the message Speak to Soar.

The Five Departments

Press Committee

The school newsletter, Clarion, is published by the Press Committee twice a year.  The publication of Clarion encourages the sharing of thoughts and exchange of ideas among students.  We aim to promote the trend of reading in the campus and bring both local and global insights to students.  We have investigated topics such as cultures and religions in different places in Clarion to broaden students’ horizons.  Most recently, we have also attempted to issue more school-related topics so as to enhance students’ sense of belonging with articles such as interviews of new teachers and staff.  By publishing Clarion, we hope to bring the relationship between teachers and students closer as well as making students closer to our ever-expanding world.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is responsible for raising the interest of members in various sports through which sportsmanship and team spirit shall be fostered.  In 2019-20, the committee organised the annual activity that each class looked forward to, the Interclass Competition, and made good use of the new campus when designing the activities.  Every class put in great effort and had fun whilst strengthening bonds with other schoolmates.  It is hoped that students can engage more in sports activities and have a well-rounded development.

Promotion Committee

Promoting events and activities is an integral part of the Promotion Committee’s role.  Through embellishing the school campus during festive seasons, the Promotion Committee aims to create a jovial atmosphere across the school and bolster not only inter-student but also student-teacher social bonds.  In 2019, the Promotion Committee decorated the new school campus with ornaments and decorations alike on occasions such as Christmas.  Ying Wa Tees are also produced each year to promote the Ying Wa spirit.

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is responsible for coordinating different interest clubs and providing support and feedback to club officials.  At the beginning of the school year, it helps with the arrangement of club recruitment and election.  In order to enhance the efficiency and help chairladies familiarise with their duties, a leadership training workshop is held.  There is also a lunch meeting which can foster better relationships and keep up good communication with club chairladies.

Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee aims at providing welfare benefits for our students.  The committee arranges regular exercise book sales in order to provide students with basic stationery such as exercise books and writing paper.  Uniform sales including PE uniforms and swimsuits are held before Sports Day and Swimming Gala.  The Welfare Committee also provides discounts from shops and businesses near school and even different districts.  Additionally, an annual stationery sale is held to offer a more economical price for students to purchase stationery.

Inauguration of the 72nd Student Association (2020-2021)
Election of the Student Association
Q&A Session of the Student Association Annual General Meeting
Boys from Ying Wa Primary School performing at the Christmas Variety Show

Inter-house Committee

The main objective of the Inter-house Committee 2019-20, Tetris, was to reinforce students’ sense of belonging to the school and to their houses, while at the same time cultivating the relationships among different house members.  To pursue this goal, the 10 house captains and teacher advisers held various activities throughout the year.

First and foremost, the committee devoted great effort to assist the annual Sports Day, the main sports event of the year.  Despite the cancellation of the Swimming Gala, Viveco, a logo design competition, was held beforehand in December 2019.  The winning design was printed on more than 900 shoe bags and the bags were distributed to all Ying Wa students.

In addition, 2 new activities Muro and Koro were held during the Thanksgiving Week.  They aimed at helping students to show their gratitude to their classmates, teachers, and anyone at school.  Muro was a wall for students to stick memos with their own words and drawings, while Koro was a bottle-making workshop.  Students participated in the 2 activities enthusiastically and every corner of our campus was filled with grateful smiles.

Inauguration of the 30th Inter-house Committee (2020-2021)
Communicating with peers
Sand art in action
Off to someone I want to thank