Library Committee

The Library Committee seeks to optimise the functions of the school library and promote an interest in reading among students.  With the help of over 50 student librarians from S1 to S6 and 60 parent volunteers, the daily operations of the library are run smoothly.  They play a significant role in encouraging reading at Ying Wa.

The library in the new campus was designed to create a cozy environment for readers.  Self-study carrels, colour photocopying, lamination and binding services are provided to all users.  Over 35,000 items are available from the library to ensure a wide range of reading materials. 

In order to create a reading culture among students, regular book fairs and the annual Old Book Sale are held to attract book lovers.  The 4.23 World Book Day is conducted in April every year as part of the celebrations across the globe.  The Online Reading Award Scheme is also organised to encourage students to strengthen their reading habits.

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