Careers Committee
Mentorship Programme

Careers Committee

The Careers Committee updates students on higher education and related activities.  Careers talks and workshops are organised, mostly for senior forms, to broaden their exposure.  In order to assist S6 students make better JUPAS choices, individual guidance is provided by the committee.  Careers interest tests are also conducted in various forms to enhance students’ self-understanding.  Other major tasks of the committee include scholarship applications and enrolling students in external programmes.  Special thanks go to the Careers Assistants who take an active role in initiating careers talks and visits.

In recent years, a life-planning approach has been adopted to integrate careers activities in different forms.  S2 and S3 students get initial exposure through class-based workshops and talks.  On the other hand, senior forms attend information-packed careers conferences, university admission talks and other activities such as the S5 Mock DSE Day and mock interview workshops.  What is more, during the school suspension period in 2019-20, some conferences for S3 and S6 were conducted online. 

Another new direction for the Careers Committee is forging more partnerships and increasing participation in external activities.  The Mentorship Programme, co-organised with the Alumnae Association for the 15th year, aims to bond mentees and graduates.  The Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Tech for Girls Programme offers interesting glimpses into women’s careers in the technology and banking sectors.  Another innovative activity, the Hang Lung Young Architects Programme, attracts students who are passionate about architecture and design.  The Joint-school Mock Interview Day, hosted by Tak Sun Secondary School and with over 10 schools, provides useful interview practice for S5 and S6 students.  Last but not least, the Careers Committee has formed a strong partnership with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, which provides various activities for our students, including an ever-popular summer work experience scheme.  

S6 Careers Conference
S5 Careers Conference
Being inspired at the Careers Conference
Proud champions of the Hang Lung Young Architects Programme

Mentorship Programme

2 mins introduction

The year 2019 marked the 15th Anniversary of the Mentorship Programme.  Throughout the years, the development of Ying Wa girls has been fostered and cross-generational relationships have been nurtured by the programme.  

Working with the school’s Careers Committee, the Mentorship Programme organises three major events annually, namely the Orientation Day, Careers Expo and Tea Gathering.

On the Orientation Day in November 2018, the paired mentors and mentees met for the first time.  The ice was broken in no time through interactive games as participants got a chance to familiarise themselves with one another in a joyful atmosphere.

During the Careers Expo in January 2019, mentees received first-hand information and experience shared by different speakers in various professions and fields of work.  The event proved to be a fruitful sharing session with the vivid presentations about work experiences and career prospects.

Mentors and mentees shared some heart-warming and delicious moments during the Tea Gathering in June 2019 held at the revamped campus.  They shared their feelings in relation to the programme and treasured relationships were established.

Mentors and mentees sharing with one another
Sharing session