1926 Heritage Block : A BRIEF HISTORY

Built in 1926, this small cottage once housed the kindergarten of Ying Wa Girls’ School. When the kindergarten closed in 1963, it was left largely idle and semi-derelict for long periods of time. What is its story? How did it survive the years before it was restored during the school development in the 2010s and finally repurposed in 2023 to become a place to share the school’s living story? 


1926 Heritage Block : Original Architecture and Restoration

The architecture of this pre-World War II structure is in the “Arts and Crafts” style, an English style popular in those days.  According to a report from the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO), there are not many left in Hong Kong.  It is also believed that none of the buildings that used to hold nurseries and kindergartens had survived.  This probably leaves Ying Wa the only school where a physical testimony of early education still stands.


Naming on Donor Wall in 1926 Heritage Block

The former kindergarten building within the Ying Wa school campus was built in 1926 and is one of the few remaining early childhood education buildings in Hong Kong, serving as a historical witness to the development of early childhood education in the city. 
Its significance was recognized when, in March 2023, the Antiquities and Monuments Office confirmed its Grade 3 historic building status. This acknowledgment reflects our commitment and passion in preserving this remarkable piece of history, and is a realization of our long-held dedication to our school’s ethos.
Now, we have an exciting opportunity for you to show your support for this preservation effort.

By making a donation of HK$50,000 or more, your name and the donation amount will be inscribed on a designated Donor Wall inside the block.

Your donation will directly support the continued growth and enhancement of our school, ensuring that future generations can benefit from the rich educational heritage this block represents.