19 April 2023

Music Performances in Assembly

Through the tireless efforts of our esteemed music teams, the String Orchestra, the Chamber String Orchestra and the Percussion Ensemble delivered an awe-inspiring performance at the morning assembly on April 19.  The audience was treated to a delightful morning filled with enchanting melodies that left them captivated.  These performances served as a fitting prelude to the highly anticipated choral concert scheduled for May, as well as other forthcoming musical events and functions in the near future.  We offer our heartfelt gratitude to these dedicated musicians for their exceptional artistry and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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18 April 2023



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17 April 2023

National Security Education Day (Apr 15)

In order to raise students’ awareness of national security and strengthen their sense of national identity, the Citizenship and Social Development (CSD) Department organized a quiz for all S4 and S5 in the week of April 17.  After learning about national security through the formal curriculum, all S4 and S5 students worked in pairs to attempt a quiz set by the department.  The two winning pairs from each class were awarded prizes.  Students were also strongly encouraged to participate in the National Security Education Day Online Quiz Competition organized by the Hong Kong Education City.  It is our hope that students would be nurtured into law-abiding, informed and responsible citizens.     

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16 April 2023

Awards from the 35th Peace Poster Contest 2022-2023

We are proud to announce that He Xinying (1D) won the First Runner-up award in the 35th Peace Poster Contest 2022-2023.  Additionally, several other students received Merit Prizes for their exceptional entries.

Themed “Lead with Compassion” this year, the contest was organized by the Lions Clubs International District 303, Hong Kong & Macao, China.  For over three decades, Lions Clubs have sponsored this special art contest in schools and youth groups worldwide.  The competition gave children the opportunity to express their visions of peace through art and creativity, inspiring the world with their artwork.  The prize presentation ceremony took place on April 16.

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13 April 2023

First Runner-up of ZIHK Inter-school 3x3 Basketball Competition

4 representatives of our Grade A Basketball Team participated in the Zurich Insurance Hong Kong (ZIHK) Inter-school 3x3 Basketball Competition - The Game 2022-2023.  It takes sweat, determination, and hard work for the team to reach where they are.  With much pride, the team attained excellent results and won First Runner-up. 

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8 April 2023

Joint School Outdoor Sketch Activities at Lei Yue Mun

The Visual Arts Departments of YWGS and YWC (Ying Wa College) jointly organised outdoor sketch activities at Lei Yue Mun on April 7-8.  These activities were catered for senior form Visual Arts students and junior art enthusiasts.

Participants had the opportunity to explore various locations at Lei Yue Mun, including the seafood street and prominent landmarks such as the Lei Yue Mun Lighthouse, Tin Hau Temple, and Lei Yue Mun quarry.  They captured the beauty of these locations through photography, sketching, and admired the captivating view of Victoria Harbour.

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31 March 2023

Easter Service 2023

The Easter Service, organized by the Religious Committee, was held on March 31, 2023.   We were delighted to have our alumna, Rev. Kam Siu Wan (金少雲牧師) as our guest speaker.  Rev. Kam shared with us the theme of “Meeting with Jesus Christ” through the story of Mary of Magdala, the first person to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection.  Relating to the story, she further invited us to grasp every opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in our daily lives.  The service indeed highlighted the significance of Easter and gave us a chance to ponder on the blessings we receive from Easter.

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31 March 2023


英華自學中心於三月下旬出版第六十六期<<悅書林>>,該刊物旨在為師生提供一個交流平台,通過互相分享閱讀的體驗和心得,鼓勵同學培養閱讀習慣,營造良好的校園閱讀氣氛。<<悅書林>> 涵蓋各學科的好書推薦,包括文學、歷史、人文、藝術、科學等多個領域,以切合同學的興趣和需要,拓展同學的視野,開拓多元閱讀。我們期待更多的老師和同學參與,一起分享閱讀的樂趣。

<<悅書林>>第六十六期 (點擊)

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