6 November 2020

Grand Opening of the Fitness Centre

The school would like to proudly announce the grand opening of our Fitness Centre in November 2020.  Located on the third floor of the Breezy Path Campus (aka Site B), it is the very first Fitness Centre that Ying Wa has ever had.  Well-equipped with seated leg presses, dual adjustable pulleys, seated leg press curls, kettlebells and water filled weight trainers, students and staff now possess numerous opportunities to do regular workout, have weight training, strengthen their muscles, build their flexibility and increase their stamina at this new attraction.  What’s more, members of various sports teams have regular training there so that they can stretch their potential to strive for excellence and always keep their fitness levels up.  W

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5 November 2020




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31 October 2020

AGM of Parent-Teacher Association (2020)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the 27th Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was successfully held on October 31, 2020.  The PTA thanked the school, teachers and parents in contributing to all the events held last year.  Ms Tracy Cheng and Ms Kary Fung, our school social workers, introduced various programmes of this academic year.  Meanwhile, our Principal, Mr Francis Kwan, thanked the support and contribution of every parent towards the successful completion of all the work in the previous academic year.  Mr Fung Kei, the Chairperson of the 27th PTA, expressed his gratitude to his team.  He looked forward to achieving another fruitful year ahead with the leadership of the newly elected Chairperson of the 28th PTA (2020

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30 October 2020

Talk by Ms May Chow on Women’s Empowerment

The English Department invited Ms May Chow, one of the best chefs in Asia and was named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017, to share with our students.  Ms Chow shared her vision to serve as a role model for other Asian female chefs, encouraging them to pursue their passions.  The talk was inspiring and students were keen on raising questions about Ms Chow’s innovative ideas on merging Chinese and western cultures into her dishes.  She encouraged our girls to be enthusiastic and not be afraid of hardships in order to be successful. 

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23 October 2020

The 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service (Album 2)

The 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service was held on October 17 at the Silcocks Hall to celebrate God’s guidance over Ying Wa in the past 120 years.

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17 October 2020

The 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service (Album 1)

The 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service was held on October 17 at the Silcocks Hall to celebrate God’s guidance over Ying Wa in the past 120 years. 

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16 October 2020

Certificate of Merit – JS History e-Reading Award Scheme 2020

Organised jointly by the Education Bureau, The University of Hong Kong and The e-Learning Development Laboratory from March to May, the Junior Secondary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2020 was an e-reading program with a total of 103 secondary schools and over 2,200 students joining.  Through reading on an e-learning platform, the program aims at promoting students’ interest in history under self-directed learning.  The program can also foster a positive reading atmosphere and culture in school.  3 of our girls had outstanding performance and were awarded with Certificates of Merit. 

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14 October 2020

Assembly by the Life Education Committee

The Life Education Committee held a morning assembly on October 14 to promote the school program, “Strive for Excellence (我做得到、我做得好)”.  This program encourages students to always behave well and strive for the best.  Students will be awarded with bookmarks for good behaviour and performance and the bookmarks are specifically designed for the following four main goals:

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