7 October 2020

SA, Inter-house and Appointed Post Inauguration Ceremony (2020)

The inauguration ceremony of the 72nd Student Association (SA), the 30th Inter-house Committee and all appointed posts, namely the Guidance Committee, Careers Committee, Civic Education Committee, Library, Student-access Centre, Stage and Technology Team, Student Health Unit, Alumnae Association, Campus TV Team, Learning Ambassadors and Green Warriors, was held during the morning assembly on October 7, 2020.  Student leaders took the oath to serve the school with faith, diligence and concerted efforts.

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1 October 2020

AA & PTA Newsletter (October 2020)

The Alumnae Association (AA) and the Parent-teacher Association (PTA) Newsletter Teams are proud to join hands to present a Premier Issue.  The S6 graduates of 2020 shared heartwarming stories on how they coped with the HKDSE in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic.  Teachers also shared how they brushed up on their IT skills so that students’ learning progress would not be disrupted due to the cancellation of face-to-face lessons.  In addition, our beloved Rev. Lee Ching Chee shared her recent life, how parents and students could adapt to the new learning environment and how they could embrace all the challenges ahead etc.

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18 September 2020

The Jockey Club’s “Project Silver” – Intergenerational Arts Exhibition

Ten S4 art students participated in the Artist-in-residence Project led by Ms Marka Mak from September to November 2020.  Under the Jockey Club’s Project Silver – Intergenerational Arts Project (Portrait Painting Workshop for the Respectable Senior), the project aims at promoting age inclusivity and creative aging through art.  Students got to express their care and love for their grandparents and respectable seniors through portrait paintings.  Not only did students interview their senior partners to gather more information for the paintings, but they also guided senior participants to paint.  All portraits were on display from November 21 to 30, 2020 at Cityplaza. 

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7 August 2020

Art-in-library Project (Phases I to III)

Our girls and staff members took part in a school library decoration activity called the “Art-in-library Project” in which they inscribed their favourite book titles or quotations on bamboo bricks.
With the assistance of visual art teachers and the guidance of two renowned local sculptors, Ms Man Fung Yi (an alumna) and Mr Mok Yat San, this project underwent three phases starting from May 2019 and was finally completed in August 2020.  Not only did students pick up skills in bamboo design and grinding, but they also had the chance to share their love of reading. 

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30 July 2020

Release of Album Entitled “Space for Transformation – The Redevelopment Years”

Dear alumnae and friends of Ying Wa,

The school redevelopment has travelled a decade-long journey, full of twists and turns, ups and downs.  But all the challenges were worth it.  The magnitude of the project was unprecedented, so were the infinite opportunities and hopes brought to us.  In them, I see God’s blessings.  Miracles seemed to always appear at the right time when we needed them most. 

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23 July 2020

2nd Runner-up - Code2App Challenge 2020

Three S2 students formed a team to participate in a programming competition called Code2App Challenge 2020, which was co-organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Education City.  The competition aimed at raising one’s awareness of the importance of healthy living both physically and mentally.  Our team created an app, WE fit, to save records and video clips of one’s physical exercise for personal tracking and evaluation.  The records can also be shared among family members and friends, encouraging one another to do more exercise.  The girls’ hard work paid off by winning the second runner-up and the Family Inclusive Award.  

List of Awardees:

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13 July 2020



《綴文樂2020》收錄了同學的投稿,同時亦刊登了徵文比賽的優勝作品。從設計封面,到內裡的一字一句,都是老師和同學心血。出版《綴文樂》的目的是希望鼓勵同學創作,《綴文樂》將同學的作品結集成書, 對小作家而言,無疑是一大鼓舞,令他們更加堅定自己的創作信念。除此之外,也希望透過《綴文樂》這個平台為同學提供互相觀摩以及互相學習的機會。

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13 July 2020

High Achievers’ Award 2019-20 (Second Term)

It has been an unusual academic year with school suspension from February to May due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Despite the epidemic, God has always been taking care of us and providing us with more than what we expect.  Under the guidance of God, all teachers were able to carry out online lessons smoothly and engage students with the new mode of virtual learning.   

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