18 May 2022

Talk by Mr Mahbubani on Finding the Funnier Side of Life

Mr Vivek A. Mahbubani, a bilingual stand-up comedian performing both in Cantonese and English, shared with us how to find the funnier side of life during the morning assembly.  While observing others’ seemingly trivial acts, he inspired us to turn those ordinary or upsetting things into a fun part of life.  He further encouraged us to record those small acts on a regular basis so as to keep our curiosity in life, making us more willing to embrace the unknown and make connections with others. 

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11 May 2022

Talk by Ms Angela Tong on the Hong Kong Film Archive

Ms Angela Tong, former Head of the Hong Kong Film Archive, was invited to share with us the background, importance and challenges of archiving Hong Kong films during our morning assembly.  She started off by explaining how her educational background inspired her to preserve Hong Kong films through professional archiving and publication.  Her talk was an eye-opening experience for both teachers and students, enhancing our understanding towards the Hong Kong film making industry.

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2 April 2022

Champion of JUMPSTARTER 2022

Four Secondary 5 BAFS (Business, Accounting and Financial Studies) students won the Champion of JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP!, a unique startup competition for Hong Kong students organized by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund.

The competition provides an opportunity for all secondary school and tertiary students in Hong Kong to build their entrepreneurial skills, put ideas into practice, and gain real-life pitching experience. Over 130 teams participated in the competition. Contestants had to identify and tackle a challenge in society as a startup company. They had to provide feasible and creative solutions for the well-being of the company and society.

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26 March 2022

Champion of the HKFYG English Speaking Contest 2022 (Junior Division)

Leung Tsoi Lam Phoebe (3E) won the championship of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) English Speaking Contest 2022 (Junior Division) in the Grand Finals.  This year, the event was widely supported by more than 1,000 contestants from over 113 schools.  The competition aims at encouraging young people and providing them with the tools to shine on stage and thrive in their own aspects. 

Phoebe is invited to represent Hong Kong to participate in the National English Speaking Competition organised by the China Daily.  Well-done, Phoebe!

View Phoebe’s performance (Click)

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12 March 2022

Let’s Workout Together Programme

The fifth wave of COVID-19 posed many challenges to students.  In order to encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the height of the pandemic (March to April), the Physical Education Department launched a programme called Let’s Workout Together to encourage students to exercise more in order to improve their physical strength.  They were encouraged to form groups with their schoolmates to take part in different sports, such as jogging, yoga, walking, and stretching etc.  They worked out together online at home.

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2 March 2022

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2021

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad was co-organized in September 2021 by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.  Hung Hiu Tung (5C) and Law Wai Chung Fiona (5D) were awarded the Second Honour and the Honourable Mention respectively.  The prizes recognized their conscientiousness and diligent hard work in studying higher level Physics.

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23 February 2022

High Achievers’ Award 2021-22 (First Term)

Students from S1 to S5 with outstanding academic results in the first term of 2021-2022 received recognition for their diligence and dedication to their studies.  All students are encouraged to emulate their exemplary performance. 

The awards were given to junior form students who ranked among the top three of each class and of each form.  As for senior form students, the awards went to those who ranked the top of each subject.

Award List  S1 – S3  |  S4 – S5

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17 January 2022

S6 Liberal Studies Activities - Sharing by the Ethnic Minorities

Having cooperated with CEDAR Fund (施達基金會) for several years, the Liberal Studies Department invited three guests of Pakistani and Indian origin to visit each of the S6 class in January 2022.  Not only did the guests share their unique cultures and traditions in food, marriage, religions, festivals and women’s status, but they also told us their encounters as ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong.  The guests’ personal stories and experiences were all authentic and thought-provoking, so it was indeed an eye-opening experience for students. 

Website of CEDAR Fund (Click)

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