20 February 2024


中西區共有十一所中學於二零二三年十月至十二月間合辦了「聯校小作家計劃」,此計劃旨在培養學生運用巧妙且具創意的文字,表達對日常生活的所思所想,並提升其寫作技巧。陳奕雅 (中四丁班) 和唐小雅 (中四戊班) 參與了該計劃,並參加了由胡燕青老師、劉偉成博士和施偉諾先生主持的兩次大型文學講座。同時,她們還參與了計劃安排的兩個聯校創作班。在完成文學講座和創作班後,參與的學生需圍繞特定主題撰寫一篇具有活潑多樣性的文章,以展現與應試文章截然不同的寫作風格。陳同學和唐同學的文章獲得了極高的評價,已刊登在城市文藝雜誌第一二八期(可在各大書店購得)中。

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19 February 2024

Award of Senior Choir

The Senior Choir displayed exceptional talent and commitment at the Hong Kong Inter-school Choral Competition on February 19, achieving the esteemed Gold Award.  They delivered a mesmerizing performance of the Hungarian song, "Magos a rutafa," composed by Lajos Bárdos.  We offer our heartfelt appreciation to Mr Leung, our Music teacher, for guiding and conducting the students during the competition.  This remarkable accomplishment not only highlighted the choir's musical prowess but also emphasised their strong devotion to teamwork, discipline, and the pursuit of excellence.

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4 February 2024

Awards of Red Cross

The Red Cross Youth Awards Ceremony 2022-2023 was organised by the Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Development Service on February 4 to acknowledge the remarkable performance of various youth units in Hong Kong.  Due to the collective efforts of our school's Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Unit 11, who excelled in competitions, acquired qualifications, and actively promoted health-related concepts among our fellow schoolmates in the previous school year, we were awarded the prestigious titles of 'Unit of the Year' and 'School Health Ambassadors Outstanding Participation Award – Overall Champion'.  We express our gratitude for this recognition and extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated teachers who guided and supported the Red Cross students throughout this j

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31 January 2024

Talk by Alumna Ms Ho Bo Ki Vanessa

We are honoured to have invited alumna Ms Ho Bo Ki Vanessa, who pursued her university studies in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to deliver a talk during the morning assembly on January 31.  She shared her remarkable entrepreneurial journey in CD-R production, actively managing material sourcing and production.  In response to the pandemic, Vanessa founded her own company and took the initiative to develop locally-made face masks and later on paper-recycling machines.  Through her inspiring story, she encouraged Ying Wa students to remain resilient and persevere in the face of challenges.

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26 January 2024

S2 Visit to STEM Centre  

Three S2 classes visited the STEM Centre in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi) on Jan 26.  They explored advanced technologies at the Smart City Innovation Centre, experiencing virtual reality and witnessing demonstrations of smart devices.  They also visited the Simulated Airport Operations Centre, Robotics Laboratory, and Solar Car Laboratory to learn about aviation, robotics, and sustainable energy.  The visit broadened their horizons and increased their knowledge of innovative technology.

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24 January 2024

Talk by Violinist Ding Yijie

Ms Ding Yijie (丁怡杰), a visually impaired violinist, shared her inspiring journey during the Jan 24 morning assembly.  She not only spoke about her passion for music but also demonstrated her exceptional skills by playing the violin.  With international performances and accolades, such as winning the VSA International Young Soloist Competition, Ding highlighted the importance of pursuing dreams despite challenges.  Students were deeply inspired by her message of determination and resilience, further fueled by witnessing her remarkable violin performance.  Her story truly resonated with them, encouraging them to embrace their own aspirations.

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20 January 2024

Award in the HKOSA 2023-24

Chan Yan Hei Yannis (6D) was recognised as one of the top 20 finalists in the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award (HKOSA) 2023-2024.  With the participation of over 432 students from more than 130 schools, this prestigious award programme, organised by the Youth Arch Foundation, not only acknowledges academic excellence but also highlights students' active involvement in extracurricular activities, significant community contributions, and exemplary moral character.  Beyond the award itself, students had the valuable opportunity to connect and engage with peers from different schools during a 2-day-1-night assessment camp.  They also participated in enrichment programmes focused on community exploration, workshops, and career sharing, further enhancing

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18 January 2024

Visit to Jao Tsung-I Academy

The Chinese History Department organized a visit to Jao Tsung-I Academy (饒宗頤文化館) for 15 Secondary Four Chinese History students on Jan 18.  During the visit, students had the opportunity to explore the academy and learn about the significant contributions of Jao Tsung-I to Chinese culture, as well as gaining insights into his life story and the preservation of local heritage through a guided tour.  This educational trip not only enhanced students' interest and knowledge of Chinese culture but also deepened their understanding of Jao Tsung-I as an influential figure.

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