5 February 2020

Special Announcement

Dear alumnae and friends of Ying Wa,

To safeguard the health of all participants and reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus in the community, the school’s 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service and Open Days originally scheduled on 28 & 29 March will be postponed until further notice.  

If you have any questions about the celebration events, you are most welcome to contact us through email:  You can also refer to our School website for the latest updates.

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15 January 2020

Morning Assembly on Demonstration Debate

The English Department organised a morning assembly on 15 January with a demonstration debate.  6 junior students debated on the motion ‘This House would not read fairy tales to children’.  They did a fantastic job in delivering their arguments with eloquence and confidence.  Demonstration debates appeal not only to those who are keen debaters, but also to those who wish to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.   

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13 January 2020


英華籃球隊(甲組)在灣仔修頓室內場舉行的港島區D1學界女籃決賽,自2009-10年度以來,首次於港島區D1獲得冠軍。隊員楊溢希同學(五甲班)於賽後接受訪問時說 :「這個冠軍很有意義。」籃球隊上下一心,為觀眾及支持者帶來了高水平的比賽。

其他報導 (點擊)

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20 December 2019

Christmas Service and Variety Show 2019

Ms Yu Pui Yan, parish worker at Hop Yat Church, captivated her teenaged audience by reviewing the birth of Jesus Christ at our Christmas Service.  Ms Yu delivered the message that true light enlightens everyone.  Jesus Christ, our Lord, is the Holy One who guides us along the way with His light.  Following Ms Yu’s sharing, the Senior Choir delivered an uplifting rendition of Christmas hymns and representatives of the Christian Fellowship read the scriptures.  After the service came the fun-filled class parties and entertaining Variety Show organised jointly by the Student Association and the Inter-house Committee.  Our school term ended with gratitude, happiness and peace.

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30 November 2019

Hong Kong Island Outstanding Student Awards 2019 (Senior & Junior Sections)

Organised by the Hong Kong Island School Heads Association, Cheung Hau Yin (6B) and Ip Wing Ka Jessica (3E) were awarded the Hong Kong Island Outstanding Student Awards in senior and junior sections respectively.  These awards aim to recognise secondary school student leaders who have demonstrated excellent leadership skills and have served the school and society enthusiastically.  


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29 November 2019

Sponsored Walk and Thanksgiving Week 2019

The Thanksgiving Service and the Sponsored Walk were conducted successfully in the last week of November.  We would especially like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Watoto, a charitable organisastion of Christian faith which takes care of children who suffer from political instabilities in Uganda, Africa to share and perform at our Thanksgiving Service.  Watoto led a group of Ugandan children and performed various African dances.  Not only was the performance an eye-opening experience, but it also allowed us to witness the persistence and courage Ugandan children possess in order to survive and live a life filled with hope.  

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22 November 2019

Talk by Dr TING Sun Pao Joseph (2019)

Our History and Heritage Education Consultant, Dr. TING Sun Pao Joseph (丁新豹博士), one of the most distinguished experts of recent Chinese and Hong Kong history and the former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, came to talk to our students and teachers about the “Heritage Treasures in Central and Western District” on 22 Nov.  His educational and interesting presentation was eye-opening and insightful.  It has indeed deepened students’ and teachers’ understanding of the neighbourhood Ying Wa is in. 

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21 November 2019

The 120th Anniversary Souvenir Sale

The 120th Anniversary of Ying Wa is just around the corner.  This once-in-a-lifetime celebration isn't complete without some unique souvenirs!  Does it sound perfect to have a handy pouch that fits cosmetics, toiletries, stationery or just about anything you like?  Don't miss out on a special collectible Ying Wa is proudly presenting!  Four handy and colourful pouches representing a new horizon, hope and joy have been especially designed for you!

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