29 June 2018

The HKSSF Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete Awards 2017-18

Chan Ching Tung (6A) was named Outstanding Athlete in the category of volleyball in the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete Awards.  The aims of the Awards are to encourage student athletes to strive for excellence so that they in turn become role models and inspiration for other Hong Kong students to participate more actively in sports at the school level. 
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29 June 2018

STEM Expo Day 2018

Our school hall was transformed into an exciting expo venue by the STEM Education Development Team on 29 June 2018.  The theme of our first STEM Expo Day was 'Lower Carbon Footprint in School'. Over the past months, the team of advisers patiently supervised 40 combined teams of S1 and S2 students who put their scientific theories into practice, and then proudly showcased their innovations for a greener and better future.  They applied scientific principles they acquired in the Science, Technology and Mathematics lessons to propose solutions for modern day challenges like waste management,...
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23 June 2018

Mentorship Programme 2018 – Tea Gathering

To mark the 14th Anniversary of YW Mentorship Programme on 23 June, the 2017-2018 Alumnae Association (AA) Mentorship Programme drew the curtains gracefully with a tea gathering for mentors and mentees at iBakery Gallery Café in Admiralty.  Through the mentor-mentee connections, mentors shared their professional knowledge and offered advice to the students.  Mentees could learn more about job opportunities, pre-requisites and workplace culture, trends and prospects in established professions or start-up industries.   
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6 June 2018

BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award 2017-18

Our Volleyball Team strived to boost sporting standards in their year-long programme while bringing out the full potential in each player.  Lam Natalie (6E) was named Outstanding Athlete in the BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award 2017-18.  Natalie was invited to represent Hong Kong at the 19th Asian Women's U19 Volleyball Championship from 8 to 18 June 2018 playing against 15 other teams from different countries in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 
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1 June 2018

Visiting Indian and Pakistani Families

Partnered with the Cedar Fund and Urdu Neighbour Centre Ltd., we organised a series of home visits to Indian and Pakistani Families in Lai Kwok Estate on 1June 2018 for some S6 students who had finished their DSE Examination.  It was a precious opportunity for students to get to know ethnic minority women and gain a deeper understanding of their lives in Hong Kong.  This activity also enriched students' awareness of the ethnic diversity in Hong Kong and the efforts made by the ethnic minorities to adapt to the way of life here while at the same time keeping their own cultures and...
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31 May 2018

Talk by Dr Chiu Kwan-hung Angela

The Staff Development Committee has been working on developing YW teachers' professionalism in learning and teaching.  On 31st May, we were honoured by the return of Dr Chiu Kwan-hung Angela, former YW Kindergarten teacher, winner of Outstanding Education Award (HK) in 2001 and the pioneer of early childhood education in Hong Kong. This illustrious educator visited our decanting campus to share her beliefs in educational pedagogy.  Ahead of her time, she realized the importance of a fun-filled learning experience in the healthy development of a child.  Her life's work aims to explore every...
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30 May 2018

Use of Kahoot in History Lessons

With the advent of the technological era, history learning has been undergoing exciting transformation.  The public exams, ranging from former HKCEE or HKAL to current HKDSE, have included more skill-based elements to train learners in the ability to think critically and more importantly, to develop problem solving skills.  The History Department of Ying Wa has been devising different strategies to cope with the needs to innovate classroom activities to motivate learners.  A trial session was held in each S3 class where a mini-quiz competition was held to test their knowledge on WWI, WWII and...
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28 May 2018

Extra Fine (Issue 3) - Special Edition : Farewell

This special edition of Extra Fine is a collection of the 6 winning pieces of this year's English Writing Competition.  The pieces were selected for their originality both in the writing and interpretation of the theme of the competition: Farewell.  While it is easy to associate farewell with sadness or even grief, the pieces all show leaving as a stage for growth and the capacity to look ahead.  We hope that you will savour the pieces as much as we have.  View Extra Fine in PDF Format (Click)
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