3 February 2017

Island Heritage Trip

On 3rd February 2017, the History Department of Ying Wa Girls' School organized a local heritage trip for S4 – S5 History students.  They visited various historical sites on Hong Kong Island, such as Victoria Peak Garden, Bowen Road, Old Peak Road, The University of Hong Kong.  All these places show influences of colonial British culture in their architecture, landscaped garden, and water drainage system.  Students were trained to become more aware of the importance of western influences on Hong Kong's modernisation through experiential learning. 
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19 January 2017

Global Awareness Week 2017

Since the establishment of the Global Exposure Committee in 2013, it has been developing strategies and deploying resources for organizing local and overseas programmes for students to gain exposure and develop a sense of global citizenship.  This year, the Committee organized a new programme called the "Global Awareness Week", from 19th to 23rd January and invited people of different nationalities to share their cultural backgrounds in S2 and S3 lessons.  During this week, two activities, namely the "Global Picnic" and the "Global Village" were held to provide an opportunity...
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13 January 2017

Fund-raising Concert 2017

When love and music come together, we are in the presence of grace.  We cordially invite you to join us for an evening of music for a good cause.  Our Orchestra and Choirs would be deeply grateful for the opportunity to perform for you and play their part for the school redevelopment. Many of you may remember their beautiful voices and mesmerizing music in "The Nightingale", and look forward to enjoying more of the same.  Here is the chance.  Celebrate with us the musical talents of Ying Wa in our Fund-raising Concert 2017 at the CCC Congregational Church (Causeway Bay) on Saturday 22nd April...
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31 December 2016

精英賽奪得季軍 排球隊努力獲肯定

排球隊於2016年12月28至31日參加本年度學界精英排球比賽,首兩場均以局數二比零取勝,順利晉身四強。在半準決賽,排球隊雖未能取勝,但面對強勁對手 ─ 上屆亞軍賽馬會體藝中學,仍然鬥志高昂,積極進攻、防守,表現保持水準。賽事結束,英華女排取得季軍,成績令人鼓舞,隊員有信心在下屆比賽爭取更佳表現。 特別鳴謝: 李炳基先生為英華女排攝影
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18 December 2016


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13 December 2016

Theatre Exposure – Promotion of the musical "Wicked"

Miss Emily Shaw, principal cast member of Wicked was gracious enough to share the stage with two lucky students on 13 December 2016!  Danessa Torralba (4A) and Amy Lo (4E) were privileged to get the chance to interview and perform with her, to the delight of around 500 schoolmates. Theatre representatives of this world-renowned musical gave us insights into professional theatre production as part of their promotion in Hong Kong.  Teachers and students also participated actively in the vocal warm-up exercises and Emily praised students for their thought-provoking questions.  It...
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12 December 2016

製作旗袍 認識傳統工藝

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11 December 2016

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Grade A)

The Volleyball Teams of Ying Wa Girls' School and Shun Tak Fraternal Association Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School entered the final round of Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Grade A).  The competition was held on 11th December 2016 at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park Sports Centre.  The tournament was a brilliant one, with both teams giving a truly memorable and outstanding performance.  Our Volleyball Team finally emerged as the first runner-up.  Congratulations!
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