School Redevelopment Project

Since its establishment in 1900 by the London Missionary Society, Ying Wa Girls’ School has been serving at its present site, providing education with a Christian character to young girls (and boys for a brief period) of Hong Kong of all classes.

In the past years, the school, with the efforts of successive generations of headmistresses, teachers and students, has built up the Ying Wa ethos and tradition, a heritage much cherished by the Ying Wa community. It has also moved with the times to equip the young girls to meet the needs, standards, and challenges of the contemporary society. The five times of redevelopment and expansion of the school campus at different periods of the school history were exemplars of these efforts.

Today, this generation of the Ying Wa community is entrusted with an unprecedented scale of campus redevelopment in order to bring the learning environment of Ying Wa up to the present standards: in-situ redevelopment of the whole school compound.

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First-ever Spring Bazaar

As the highlight of fundraising events for school redevelopment, Ying Wa Girls’ School held an unprecedented Spring Bazaar on March 19. It was initiated and sponsored by alumnae. Thousands of products, ranging from handmade scarves to abalone, were sold at bargain prices. Alongside the bazaar were student performances and founder's day service. Nearly 10,000 students, alumnae, parents and teachers came and supported the event, contributing over $1.7M for the redevelopment of the Robinson Road campus. 

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The Nightingale

Absolutely fabulous! This was the unanimous praise on the lips of the audience at the Lyric Theatre on July 30 and 31 when they listened to the nightingales of Ying Wa singing of summer in full-throated ease. Together with our dancers and musicians, the performers in our 115th anniversary musical transported us into a realm of music, fable and vision. From the original and witty script to the beautiful music, from the graceful dancers to the breathtaking costumes, it was a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. It was a proud occasion for over 200 students and staff after months of rehearsals and promotion; it was a night to remember for one and all that turned out in support of our mission. A big thank you! This fundraiser was not just a fun-filled evening, but also brought in the funds for the school to achieve our vision to educate girls for the 21st century with the right campus, talents and values.

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115th Anniversary Dinner

Guests, teachers, alumnae, parents and friends of Ying Wa filled up 150 tables in the Grand Hall, L3, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. People started to arrive after 5:30pm to queue up for the purchase of souvenirs and taking photos with teachers and classmates.

The dinner programme started at around 7pm with school hymn and prayer. Mr YEUNG Yun Hung, Kevin, JP, the Under Secretary for Education and Mrs Cherry TSE, JP, former Permanent Secretary for Education, were our guests of honour. Highlights of the evening included: address by Mr Yeung, alumnae choir performance, redevelopment updates, DVD trailer and promotional performance of the musical Nightingale. 

Last but not least, there was a short farewell session for Mrs Ruth Lee, who will retire in August 2015. Representatives from board of directors, overseas alumnae and SA expressed their gratitude towards Mrs Lee's contribution to YWGS over the 14 years.

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Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

Ying Wa held a significant event on 7 March 2015 to mark an important page of the school history – theFoundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the new school campus at Robinson Road, which is currently under redevelopment. The occasion signified a special moment for all cherished parties of the Ying Wa family to come together, not only to witness the reaching of another milestone of the redevelopment project, but also to commemorate the founding spirit of the School so gratefully inherited from the missionaries of the former London Missionary Society.