Careers Committee
Mentorship Programme

Careers Committee

The Careers Committee provides the latest information on higher education and postsecondary pathways through handouts, board displays and eClass – which parents can now access. Careers conferences and workshops are organised for S3-6 students to help them make informed choices in further studies. Individual guidance on JUPAS is specially provided for S6. The committee also assists students in scholarship applications and enrolment for many programmes organised by external bodies. 

With the EDB’s new Career and Life Planning Grant in 2014-2015, more resources are available for enhancing careers activities. The team now has six Careers Teachers. Co-organised with the Friends of Scouts Association Hong Kong, a Mock DSE Day was conducted for S5 to give them a taste of making JUPAS choices and university interviews. A new junior form life planning was also tried out in S1.

During the year the committee has cont inued to work wi th the Alumna e Association in the Mentorship Programme. This matches S3-5 participants with Mentors who would give them careers and general guidance. Some pairs have kept up the relationship and become true friends. To offer alternative mentoring experience for senior forms, the committee joined a new programme in 2014- 15: the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council’s School-Parent-Company Program. A team of Company Ambassadors coached participants by sharing career pathways, conducting mock job interviews and bringing them on company visits. These offered rich exposure and new perspectives on career developments. The participants won a High Achievement Award for their good performance.

S5 Mock DSE Day
Australian Learning Workshop
Briefing on Lee Hysan Foundation Scholarship
Visit to HK Maritime Museum ~ extra tour of a tug boat

Mentorship Programme

2 mins introduction

The year 2015 marked the 11th anniversary of the Mentorship Programme. A joint venture with the Careers Committee, the programme aims at helping participants achieve allround development by tapping the invaluable resources of our alumnae. Senior students recruited as Mentees are paired up with alumna-Mentors. In 2014-15, the scheme was extended to S3.

To encourage mentoring pairs to keep in touch, the Organising Committee strives to create opportunities for interaction and exposure. Three Career Expos have been organised since 2012. Keynote speakers from various professions, together with alumnae, were invited to share working experiences and introduce career pathways. A new activity, hiking, was tried out in Dec 2014 and a small group joined. All enjoyed the walk and the hearty lunch afterwards.

Towards the end of the term in 2015, a dinner gathering brought the programme to a satisfactory close. Mentors and Mentees reunited, and some gave delightful and touching sharing. A special farewell was also made to Mrs Ruth Lee, who initiated the Mentorship Programme.

Mentorship Progamme Dinner 2015
Mentees Sharing Experience