School Development Plan (2017-2020) - Revisiting Our Past, Connecting To The Future

The proposed SDP4 is built on a solid foundation of the three previous SDPs, namely "Reading to Learn" in 2002-2007, "Promoting Quality Learning" in 2007-2012 and “Space for Transformation” in 2012-2017. Taking into consideration the ongoing school self-evaluation process, we were encouraged by the results of the previous SDPs, so the school aims to build on existing strengths when developing our new 3-year plan.

The School Development Plan (2017-2020) (SDP4) has adopted the theme "Revisiting Our Past, Connecting to the Future”, a timely reflection of our imminent return to our new campus in our home base. Standing at the juncture of our history, we look to sustaining our future development by connecting the present efforts in building on the solid foundation laid in the past.


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Annual School Plan (16-17)