19 May 2019

Basketball Tournament (2019) – First Runner-up

Hard work and rigorous training enabled the YW Basketball Team to achieve another outstanding feat in the Basketball Tournament (2019) in which a total of 12 teams participated.  The final was held on 19 May 2019 and the YW Basketball Team emerged as the First Runner-up.  Cheung Lok Yi Samatha (S5) enthused, “We practice in all circumstances even in rainy days.  We will definitely hold on to our fighting spirit and never give up.” 

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1. Ying Wa Girls' School Entered the Final Round (Click)

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16 May 2019

VTC STEM Challenge Cup 2018-2019

A team of four S4 students participated in the VTC STEM Challenge Cup 2019 and won the STEM Creative and Innovative Award (STEM 創新創意大獎).  The competition required all the participating teams to design games to promote STEM to the public and encourage women to devote themselves to STEM-related jobs.

Participants: Ho Mei Hei (4B), Mok Yan Yu (4C), Yeung Yin Ling (4D), Ng Ka Hei (4E)



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16 May 2019

Awards of Volleyball Team 2018-2019

With passion, hard work and team spirit, the Ying Wa Volleyball Team had a fruitful year of 2018-2019.  Players showed dedication to the sport and put tremendous efforts into improving their skills and tactics.    

Overview of results

1. Inter-school Volleyball Competition (held by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation)

   Grade A (Division One): Champion

   Grade C (Division One): Third Runner-up

2.  Inter-school Volleyball Competition (held by the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China)


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13 May 2019

La Salle – Pui Ching Programming Challenge 2019

Students from the Computer Programming Team achieved pleasing results in the 4th La Salle – Pui Ching Programming Challenge held on 13 May.  The team comprising Ho Ka Shuen (5C), Lee Cho Man (5D) and Cheng Tsz Ying (5E) won the bronze medal while the team of Lee Ching Laam (6A), Ng Sin Ting (6C) and Au Sui Yu (6D) was awarded a merit prize.  Teams had to complete as many challenging questions as possible within four hours and contestants were able to apply computer programming skills in a fun way. 

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12 May 2019

All Hong Kong Inter-secondary Schools Lacrosse Competition 2018-19 – Champion

The Ying Wa Lacrosse Team was only formed half a year ago, but with intensive training, the team emerged as the Champion at the All Hong Kong Inter-secondary Schools Lacrosse Competition 2018-19.  “Despite making some mistakes at the beginning of the competition, we were able to avoid similar mistakes from happening again in the final round after reflecting on our techniques and strategies.  We hope that more new members can join our team,” team player Kwan Sum Yuet (S4) commented after the competition. 

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10 May 2019

Human Library Activity

'Human Library Activity’, organized by the Global Exposure Committee, was held on 10 May, 2019.  Speakers with different backgrounds and experiences were invited to share with the S5 students.  Three alumnae, Ms Trista LAM, Ms Carmen HONG, Ms Joyce LEUNG and other honourable guests, Ms June WONG from the Department of Justice and Ms Hollace CHAI from Cedar Fund shared topics including “volunteering all over the world”, “losing at the starting point”, “establishing a social enterprise”, “internet crime and cyber bullying” and “the journey of seeking justice”.  All S5 students were invited to join one sharing of their own choice.  All talks were thought-provoking, allowing students to reflect on how blessed they are and how they can make thi

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4 May 2019

NOI 2019 – Cheng Tsz Ying (Hong Kong Team)

Cheng Tsz Ying (S5E) participated in the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics Competition in December 2018 and was awarded the gold medal.  She was then invited by the organisers, the Hong Kong Computer Society and the Education Bureau, to undergo further training on computational problem solving and programming skills.  In May 2019, due to Tsz Ying’s outstanding performance in the selection process, she was selected to represent Hong Kong in the National Olympiad in Informatics 2019 (NOI 2019) from 14 to 20 July 2019 in Guangzhou along with other Hong Kong Team representatives.

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3 May 2019

Public Speaking (Cantonese) Activity 2019

The Chinese Department and the Civic Education Committee jointly organised a public speaking (Cantonese) activity on 3 May to develop students’ multiple and critical thinking skills.  Mr Wong Man-lung, a member of the Chinese Debating Team of The Baptist University of Hong Kong, was recruited to help train students with public speaking skills.  Speakers learnt the skills to speak persuasively and constructively.  They also learnt how to use different tones and body gestures to catch the attention of the audience.  This activity provided an opportunity for speakers to improve their speaking skills and explore different social issues to develop their topics such as the meanings of life, discrimination in society, the courage to make changes and the i

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