16 March 2024

Homecoming Day 2024 (Album 1)

The Ying Wa Homecoming Day was successfully held on 16 March 2024.  The entire campus was filled with laughter and cheers.  The atmosphere was electric as more than 7,000 enthusiastic alumnae and friends of Ying Wa gathered together, creating a vibrant tapestry of colours and smiles.

The campus came alive with an array of activities.  Sports games were held on the newly refurbished fields, where alumnae from different graduating years showcased their competitive spirit and camaraderie.  Meanwhile, the Heritage Garden became a stage for music and dance performances.

The pinnacle of the day was undoubtedly the grand Opening Ceremony of the 1926 Heritage Block.  Transformed into the School History Room, it stood as a testament to the school's enduring legacy.

It was a day etched in the hearts of all who attended, a day that celebrated not only the physical transformation of the campus but also the enduring spirit of Ying Wa. 

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