110th Anniversary Musical

Ying Wa Girls’ School

Alice meets Camilla Catapoeia in her prison cell.  Camilla offers Alice her mushroom, which will cause euphoria and memory loss.  She learns how the Girl’s fate has changed after eating a mushroom.  In her misery, Alice remembers home and her special mission of saving the polar bears.  She refuses to eat the remaining mushroom.

Alice is brought to the dock.  She is accused of tampering with the Shock market and faces the axe of the executioner.  After a series of unpredictable discoveries including the shock that the Girl and Duchess have literally left the Queen bankrupt, chaos ensues and people are left wondering who the accused really is.  Alice is saved by a stroke of luck.

Back in the principal’s office, Alice wakes up from her dream and sees Dad, Mom and Fiona waiting anxiously by her side.  They are relieved to see that Alice is no longer clinging to her mask although Fiona is reminded yet again about her donation to the Polar Bear Fund.  At last, peace and quiet returns to the family.

In the cell, the Girl seeks to buy her way out only to find herself mocked by the crowd counseling her to be merry as she awaits her execution.

The Queen rejects Alice’s request of pardoning the Girl, claiming that capital punishment is a way to boost the economy.  Rabbit sees another chance to make money and brings instant excitement to all.

Seeing Alice as a potential new pet, the Queen offers to build her an enclosure.  Alice decides that freedom is better than life in a gold-clad cage.  In front of a bewildered crowd, she denounces Wonderland and suggests a less bloody sport than croquet to the Queen.  Wonderland starts disappearing amid the chaos.

Scene 1

Scene 3

Scene 2

Story—Act 3