110th Anniversary Musical

Ying Wa Girls’ School

Message from the Principal

A New dimension : A Transformative Place and Time

Welcome to our performance of ALICE, a bold endeavour by Ying Wa to recreate the role of the 19th century Alice in a modern context! Today you will witness what happens when collective creativity, talent, passion, dedication, industry and unity meet.

In entering into another world, Alice did not only go through a fantastic adventure but also came to realize the truth, goodness and beauty of life. This is made possible when she has the opportunity to experience a completely new and novel place. She is inspired and transformed.

The story bears particular significance to all those in the Ying Wa community at this juncture in its history. In face of the challenge of the school redevelopment project, we are provided with the opportunity to revisit our vision, confirm our faith and sustain our stamina. The theme for the project is Space for Transformation. We are not just looking for the transformation of physical space but most importantly, the mental and spiritual transformation for all those involved.

Through the process of collective creativity, and since its conception more than two years ago, we have witnessed transformation along the way. I take pride in all who are involved especially the master-minds behind and just to name a few – Mrs Pauline Yip, our former Vice-principal, Mr Kwan Hon Cheung, the Executive Producer, Miss Carrie Cheung, the Script Writer and Director and , Miss Wong Siu To, Music Director and Miss Wong Yung Sze, Dance Director. Their tireless and ardent preparation deserves our greatest appreciation. Besides the hard work of students and teachers, we owe the success of this musical to the generous support of our partners namely parents and alumnae who have contributed in so many ways.

Thank you also for being the fervent supporter in the Ying Wa community and keeping us company along this journey to the Wonderland. May the Lord bless you all.

Ruth Lee

Message from the

Principal / Director / Music Director / Dance Director