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This short quiz on the history of the school is for fun. Go through the questions and see how many you can answer and how well you know your mother school.
  1. When was the school founded?
    a. 1900       b. 1896       c. 1899       d. 1908
  2. Who was the first principal?
    a. Helen Davies       b. Vera Silcocks       c. Helen Myles       d. Mary Lamb
  3. How many students were there when the school was first founded?
    a. 5       b. 51       c.58       d. 90
  4. What was the school called?
    a. Orphanage       b. Training School       c. Nursery       d. Boarding School
  5. What was the mission of the school?
    a. To serve the missionaries      
    b. To train young women workers      
    c. To give Chinese girls a Christian education      
    d. To protect the young women workers
  6. What was the school’s motto?
    a. Not to be served, but to serve                     b. Equal Opportunity      
    c. Time is precious, treasure every minute       d. A spirit of trustful comradeship
  7. What was the first address of the school?
    a. 76 Robinson Road       b. Lot 590 Bonham Road      
    c. The Peak                   d. Wanchai
  8. When was the name “Ying Wa Girls’ School” officially adopted?
    a. 1900       b. 1901       c. 1899       d. 1920
  9. When was the school listed as a government-subsidized school?
    a. 1901       b. 1900       c. 1905       d. 1907
  10. How many teachers were there in the early days?
    a. two       b. five       c. three       d. four
  11. What was the name of the first Chinese teacher?
    a. Wong Tsing Yi       b. Helen Davies       c. Mary Hunt       d. Ma Wai Yi
  12. When was the kindergarten section established?
    a. 1911       b. 1922       c. 1930       d. 1935
  13. When was the secondary section first established?
    a. 1925       b. 1915       c. 1930       d. 1935
  14. When did the English-medium section first begin?
    a. 1913       b. 1925       c. 1929       d. 1935
  15. How long did the teachers' training programme last?
    a. 5 years       b. 8 years       c. 18 years       d. 25 years
  16. How many principals do we have in the school’s history?
    a. 5       b. 6       c. 7       d. 8
  17. Which principal served the school for 15 years only?
    a. Helen Davies          b. Vera Silcocks      
    c. Evelyn Jenkins        d. Dorothy Hutchinson
  18. Who was the longest serving principal?
    a. Vera Silcocks           b. Helen Davies      
    c. Evelyn Jenkins         d. Katherine Chau
  19. For how many years did Miss Silcocks serve?
    a. 40       b. 20       c. 35       d. 45
  20. When did the school close the boarding section?
    a. 1940       b. 1935       c. 1945       d. 1950

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