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An Appeal

Dear Family and Friends,

Warm greetings to all. We are delighted to share the news that our Alma Mater is - after considerable deliberation, research and soul-searching - to commit to the long and arduous task of full-scale redevelopment. This epic journey will enable the school to move forward, transform and embrace the educational challenges of the 21st century.

Supported by the Education Bureau, a new campus will replace the existing one on the same Robinson Road-Bonham Road site which has housed our school for over a century. On completion, available ground area will be expanded by about 50%, thus making it possible to overcome the recurring and constant lack of space since her founding. New spacious facilities and advanced installations will help Ying Wa take on the increasing demands of a fast-changing and diversified secondary curriculum.

Building on our school's long tradition and history of achievement, we believe that Ying Wa can and should endeavour to aim not just for a campus equipped with the basic standard facilities as provided by government funding, but for one which can cater to the needs of new generations of students for decades to come.

The vision for the future is not to have a glamorous campus, but one that will permit our school to carry on - with the same dedication shown by all generations of headmistresses and teachers, past and present - the humble mission of providing an all-round, Christian education for girls from all walks of life.

How are we to realise this dream? The building costs will be astronomical. For support and resources, we look to the closeness of the vast Ying Wa family of past students and friends.

For those of us who grew up in the loving and caring environment of Ying Wa, how well we remember the happy days and the all-round education we received! We are amazed how our childhood companions have so often blossomed into lifelong friends with social networks.

So, it is time to give back, with our time, expertise, funds or whatever resources we can contribute. Let us join hands at this turning point in our history and show our gratitude - possibly long overdue - to our teachers and principals and, not the least, to God for all the blessings that we have enjoyed.

When the new campus finally arises, we will know in our hearts that it is with our contribution as well as our determination that Ying Wa will be able to continue to nurture the potential of thousands of young girls to come, and pave the way for many more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Yours sincerely,

Lam Lai Bing (Ms.) Rebecca Chiu (Prof.)
Chairperson Chairperson
School Council School Redevelopment Steering Committee

Wong Man Wah (Ms.) Ruth Lee (Mrs.)
Chairperson Principal
Fundraising Sub-committee Ying Wa Girls' School

Mar 2013

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