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The building site in action
As we entered 2017, superstructure works were beginning to emerge from the ground. While the difficult site conditions continue to pose challenges to the construction team, the Lord’s blessing does not cease to manifest in the untiring efforts and stamina of those on the frontline as well as those putting their hearts and minds behind to ensure that each challenge shall be met with the best contemplated solution..............﹝more﹞

Fundraising campaign showcases Ying Wa's artistic talents
As at the end of June the total funds received by the Redevelopment Fund amounted to more than $107 million, among which over $1.1 million was collected through the two fundraising activities initiated by the School during the first half of the year.............﹝more﹞

On building progress ... lights are shedding at the end of the tunnel
2016 has seen a year of challenges and perseverance for the building project. The foundation works have met with difficulties that were beyond possible pre-planning. Yet, day by day, the construction work on site is moving ahead in full swing in a bid to overcome each obstacle encountered underground.............﹝more﹞

On fundraising ... reaching the record milestone
With gratitude we announcethe good news of reaching the $100 million milestone in our fundraising. Until 31 Dec 2016, HK$104.6 million (52%) have been collected for the Redevelopment Project............﹝more﹞

Mustering full efforts to the finishing line
The site work has been making progress in the last 6 months in a carefully-monitored speed.. Yet there have been geological challenges beyond our control. We are however very grateful for the dedicated and united team of professionals ............﹝more﹞

The First-ever Spring Bazaar
The first-ever Spring Bazaar held in March 2016 at the decanting campus will go down Ying Wa’s history as one of the most cherished highlights in the redevelopment fundraising...........﹝more﹞

Building progress - Award of Phase 2 contract
We are so pleased that finally, subsequent to a well deliberated and due diligent process, we have reached another milestone in July 2015 – the award of the Phase 2 contract for a self-funded portion of the redevelopment project.............﹝more﹞

Fundraising - Innovative Spring Bazaar to generate more donations
For the first time, Ying Wa will be organizing a bazaar in campus. This will be our major fundraising initiative in the year for the redevelopment project. Spring Bazaar 2016 will now be held as a one-day event on 19 March 2016 (Saturday), and we hope to raise HK$1 million from the sale of goods and sponsorships..........﹝more﹞

Building progress - Foundation Stone Laying
Some 200 closest affiliates of Ying Wa came together to witness the reaching of another milestone of the redevelopment project at the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony held at the construction site of our home base on Robinson Road............﹝more﹞

Fundraising - The Nightingale
The major fundraising activity of the year is the 115th Anniversary musical The Nightingale to be staged at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 30 and 31 July 2015. This original production is a collaboration of teachers and students...........﹝more﹞

Add-on facilities to the new campus
Ying Wa has raised private funding to build extra facilities to help accomplish our long cherished education mission. Such add-on facilities – termed Phase 2 of the redevelopment project – will be provided in the extended campus (“Site B”, the former Nethersole Hospital site)...........﹝more﹞

On the front of fundraising
Walk an Extra Mile for Ying Wa

In her last year of service as Principal in Ying Wa, Mrs Ruth Lee initiated “Walk an Extra Mile for Ying Wa” (重建路‧赤足行) as part of this year’s Sponsored Walk held on 22 November...........﹝more﹞


Transformation in a new phase
Since our handover of building sites to the Main Contractor in March, preparation for demolition of the old campus has gone swiftly underway. In this issue of eBulletin, we have captured some images of the works in progress over the last months...........﹝more﹞

New fundraising initiatives
The Fundraising team is constantly exploring interesting and creative ideas to raise funds for the Redevelopment Project. As soon as it was launched at the Founder’s Day Dinner in March, Mrs So’s Gathering..........﹝more﹞


Handover of sites marked the beginning of the next milestone stage
On 5 March 2014, the premises of our old campus at 76 Robinson Road was handed over to the main contractor, CR Construction Company Limited (華營建築有限公司). Five days later on 10 March, the handover of the site at 2 Breezy Path..........﹝more﹞

Contract signing ceremony at the Founder's Day Dinner
A contract signing ceremony was specially arranged at the Founder’s Day Dinner held on 21 March 2014 where members of the Ying Wa family including alumnae, school managers and parents, witnessed and celebrated the joyous, historic moments..........﹝more﹞

One final decisive hurdle is cleared
At last we have crossed one final hurdle to on-site works. At the meeting of the Legislative Council’s Finance Committee on 21 February 2014, Ying Wa’s redevelopment project gained approval for an increased funding of $220.7 million (on top of the approved $432.7 million in 2012)..........﹝more﹞

Fundraising concert and donations received
Out of the generosity of Ying Wa alumna May Chau Chung Man (1988), a fundraising concert has been initiated by her Academy in support of the redevelopment project. A charity Jazz concert entitled Ugo Conta Italian Quintet in Jazz & Brazilian Fantasy will be held on 22 May 2014 (Thursday) at 8:00 pm at the Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre..........﹝more﹞

Progress on the building project
Since the redevelopment project succeeded in obtaining government funding (which is record-breaking) in the Legislative Council last June, the School has been working hard to keep to the programme timeline advised by the Consultants..........﹝more﹞

From Robinson Road to Sham Shui Po
A home away from home

We are pleased to report that one year after moving to Sham Shui Po, the operation in the decanting premises has gone smoothly. Our students and staff alike are adapting well in the new environment..........﹝more﹞


The building project is gearing up
With the approval of project funding at the Legislative Council in June, the building project is now gearing in full speed for the next important phase. The consultants are now working hard on refining the design and obtaining all statutory approvals for the building plans to pave way for the tendering procedure. We hope to see the contractor on site to start work in the first quarter of next year..........﹝more﹞

Farewell to the Robinson Road campus
Students and staff had a wonderful sent off on the last Student Day (6 July) in the Robinson Road campus culminated in a fun-filled farewell show that will prove to be one of the most treasured collective memories of all in Ying Wa..........﹝more﹞


Reaching the critical milestone
We are pleased to share with you the joyous news that our redevelopment project has made it through the Legislative Council (LegCo) at its recent Finance Committee meeting. With the approval of the government funding, the erection of a new campus is clearer in sight.........﹝more﹞

Preparation for the big move and farewell
We are now all set for the next milestone – the ‘big move’ at the end of July to the decanting site (former Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School) in Sham Shui Po, a community which will be our home base for the next few years before we return to our ‘transformed’ campus in the summer of 2016.........﹝more﹞


A critical step closer to a new campus
We are pleased to announce that the redevelopment project has made it through the government’s latest Resources Allocation Exercise (RAE), marking a critical step closer to our realization of the new campus. The upgraded project is now qualified to move forward to obtaining funding approval in the Legislative Council (LegCo).......﹝more﹞

Developing the design of the new school
Alongside the preparation for funding approval, the Building Subcommittee (BSC) has been working closely with the consultants in developing the new school design. A consultation session was held in July 2011 for the architect to meet with members of the Ying Wa community to solicit views on the design approach and heritage preservation matters. There was no adverse comment on the design to be further developed, and the full in-situ preservation of the Kindergarten Block was also agreed by the majority........﹝more﹞


Progressing to another milestone stage
The School formally engaged a Project Manager (PM) (Cartesian Architects Limited) in January 2011 to assist with driving through the redevelopment project. Soon after the PM was on board, we speedily embarked on the selection exercise for the appointment of Lead Consultant and Quantity Surveying Consultant adhering to prescribed government procedures ......﹝more﹞

Reporting from the fundraising end
The Brick Campaign – From Bricks to Blocks – was launched among the students just before the Chinese New Year. Students and parents made contribution through promoting sales of the ‘Brick’ coupons (prints of artworks by Ying Wa students). The campaign was also launched among alumnae. Sale of the ‘Bricks’ was encouraging at the Homecoming Day cum Founder’s Day Dinner at Ying Wa on 26 March. The campaign will continue among alumnae till September.......﹝more﹞

A critical step forward
The redevelopment project made a critical step forward when the Technical Feasibility Statement (TFS) was finally submitted……We are now waiting to get through the government's Resources Allocation Exercise (RAE). The result is expected to be known by October/November......﹝more﹞

The Fundraising Drive
ALICE the musical was a resounding success at the Academy for Performing Arts on 24 July 2010, raising more than $1.8 million for the Redevelopment Fund…… More fundraising events are being lined up……﹝more﹞

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