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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why is the redevelopment project necessary?
A : Throughout the history of Ying Wa, the School has consistently tried its best to fully utilize the school site to benefit the education of our students. School improvement projects were conducted regularly to allow for more space and adequate facilities to meet the increasing demand of the evolving education needs. To meet the educational goals of the 21st century, it is paramount to have a school well-equipped with more modern and advanced facilities catering for the future needs. With the redevelopment project, we expect significant improvement to the existing provision, allowing students with more space for studies, sports and recreational activities. The new campus will bring forth new possibilities and opportunities. We believe that the project is in the best interest of the long-term development of the School.

Q : What is the anticipated timeline of the project?
A : The redevelopment project first gained support from the Education Bureau in December 2009. Since then, the School had passed through various stages of government procedures. The project first obtained approval of funding by the Legislative Council in June 2012. Due to higher than expected returned tender price, application for additional government funding had to be submitted and was finally approved in February 2014. Subject to unforeseeable obstacles, we anticipate to return to the new school campus in 2018.

Q : Will the school be relocated during the redevelopment period? If so, when and where will it be?
A : Decanting is an indispensable arrangement for in-situ redevelopment to reduce disturbances to normal school operation as well as to speed up the construction progress. Precious Blood Sisters has kindly lent us a decanting home - the former premises of Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School in Sham Shui Po. Our relocation was completed in August 2012. Tremendous effort has gone into renovating and refurnishing the decanting premises into a welcoming campus to meet our needs. The entire school community is now well-settled in our temporary home.

Q : Will students' learning be compromised as a result of the strain put on the teaching staff during the redevelopment process?
A : The School's governing body, the Incorporated Management Committee of the Ying Wa Girls' School (the "IMC"), understands the workload related to the redevelopment project. Besides hiring professionals to take charge of the project, there are enthusiastic alumnae and parents offering assistance in many areas. Additional manpower will also be provided to reduce teachers' workload as appropriate. The IMC will closely monitor the situation to ensure that students' learning and development remains our main priority.

Q : As the project is funded by the government, why is there a need to raise funds? What is the fund-raising target and what are the funds for?
A : The project is basically funded by the government which covers the standard provisions. Yet, the School is planning to provide more facilities to meet the educational demand in the new era as well as upkeep the School's noble heritage in nurturing our students. The fundraising target for the School Redevelopment Fund is HK$200 million.
(Please refer to our website for details of fundraising and use of the Fund: )

Q : How is the new campus different from the existing one in terms of design and facilities?
A : The new campus will cater for future educational need and bring forth new possibilities and opportunities. We expect significant expansion so as to provide the necessary space for studies, sports, recreational and cultural activities, and enhancement in facilities to enrich the learning and school life of our students.
(More information is available at our website: )

Q : How can I contribute to the project ?
A : No doubt this is a huge yet meaningful project, unprecedented in the history of Ying Wa ! We look to the contribution of our stakeholders as well as everyone in the community, whether it is in the form of financial support - in terms of donations or sponsorships, or in other forms of giving (time, energy and expertise), all are essential and welcome. We are glad that the Alumnae Association and the Parent-Teacher Association have already pulled together platforms for such contributions. It is our sincerest wish that Ying Wa shall be transformed, not only physically but also spiritually, through our concerted efforts to continue our mission in providing quality education for generations of youngsters to come. If you are interested in giving assistance or donation, please contact our staff, Ms Jenny Leung or Ms Cherry So of the School Office at 2546 3151.

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