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Letter from The Editors (Updated on 25 Oct 2010)

Dear readers,

In this section, we are going to share with you letters written by 'old' girls, teachers and friends over a period of more than 100 years. The letters are arranged in chronological order and we hope that reading them will evoke for you a sense of the past, Ying Wa's past.

We also hope that these letters will whet your appetite for more history, stories and news about our school. Perhaps they will even make you a little nostalgic and rekindle a desire to re-connect with your alma mater.

Dare we hope to receive a letter /email/postcard from you too? Do rummage through your long-forgotten secret boxes and treasure trunks and see if there's something you can unearth and share with us.

Whenever you feel like writing to us, just click on the Sharing icon.

Incidentally, we welcome letters from ALL and SUNDRY who were or still are connected with Ying Wa. The letter(s) could be addressed to Ying Wa, to us or to your classmates or teachers.

Now, just pick and choose the letter you want to read by clicking on the icon next to it.

Or better still, click all and ENJOY!

Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you,

The Editors

'A Letter to Miss Silcocks' is a moving letter written in October 2010 by Yau Ping Wai, probably one of Ying Wa's most recognised student, teacher and now alumna. Known to her contemporaries as 'Ah Yau' and 'Miss Yau' to the thousands of students she had taught in her 33-year teaching career, the author remembers her long association with Miss Silcocks and Ying Wa with fondness and gratitude. Miss Silcocks passed away in England in 1976. Letter from Miss Kwan Yeuk Laan Class of 1937 and teacher and Vice-Principal at Ying Wa over a forty year span. Miss Kwan, who now lives in Toronto, has written specially for this opening chapter of our Mailbox. This article is written by So Ka Wai, Pasty. A second generation Ying Wa girl and a member of the School Council since 1994, Ka Wai greets the news of the Redevelopment with both nostalgia and excitement. Recounting the close ties between her family and Ying Wa, she also remembers vividly the sight, sound and even smell of her Alma Mater where she spent her entire school life. Thanksgiving Day and its week-long activities stand out so much in the memory of Leung Man Ping that she wonders, in this article, if the concept of thanksgiving - largely unheard of back in the 1980's - has originated from Ying Wa! Man Ping is currently a trustee of the YWGSAA Charity Trust Fund. Entitled 超越半世紀的恩情 and written by Miss Chan Ping Kuen, Chair-person of our Alumnae Association, the letter was recently published in the October 2009 issue of the Ying Wa Newsletter. Written in anticipation of the 110th Anniversary celebrations in March 2010, we are grateful to Miss Chan for sharing this letter with our web readers. Miss Silcocks' letter which appeared in the Yearbook of Class 1962 graduates. Written by W. Bolton, a missionary, after he paid a visit to the 'Training Home', a boarding school for girls and which was later to becoyme Ying Wa Girls' School. The letter originally appeared in the Mission Chronicle, a newsletter for the London Missionary Society, in 1904. Letter written to Miss Helen Davies from Wong Tsing Yi, the first Chinese woman teacher who worked side by side with the Western missionaries. This letter was probably written when Miss Davies was on leave in England in 1895, the year after the plague broke out in Taipingshan in Western District where many people died. Hence, the sadness of the letter.

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