A New Campus Arises

  Back to Our Old Campus 重回半山中

  Campus Handover Ceremony

The Road to Transformation

  A Prayer for God's Provision

  A Prayer for Serenity

  A Prayer for God's Protection

  Robinson Road Campus under Construction

  Breezy Path Campus under Construction

  First-ever Spring Bazaar

  Fundraising Musical The Nightingale - Song "The Flavours of Love"

  Fundraising Musical The Nightingale - Song "Together"

  Fundraising Concert 2017

  Barefoot Walk for the Redevelopment 重建路 ‧ 赤足行

  Topping Out Ceremony

On the Wings of Heritage

  Interview with Dr Luk Chiu Kwan Hung 

  RTHK Interview with Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting  香港故事 — 百年樹人 

  Reminiscences: An Interview with Rev Lee 白屋仔德厚流光 — 李清詞牧師回憶訪問 

  Farewell to Mrs Ruth Lee

  Fond Memories of Sham Shui Po 難捨深水埗

Going Forward: A Clarion Call

  A New Horizon 新境界

  Praying for God's Guidance on How to be a Good User 求主引領,作善用者

  School Hymn