9 July 2018

Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition Term 2 District Finals

Our S4 team emerged as champions at the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (Standard Format) - Hong Kong and Kowloon Division 1 District Final – on 29 June 2018 while our S5 team also won their match in the Kowloon Senior Division 1 Enhanced Format Championship on 9 July 2018.  The motion of the Term 2 Finals was this House believes that short term volunteering in developing countries by youth from developed regions is beneficial. Starting as novice debaters last September, the S4 team, coached by Ms Mandy Wong, has debated more experienced teams in this tournament, picking up useful skills on debating and learning more about local and global social issues. Not to be outdone, the S5 team coached by Ms Angel Hui, also strived their best to improve their results from last year and their effort finally paid off. The teams deserved praise not just because they won, but because they were willing to try and to learn from initial failure. [(Standard Format) 29 June 2018, (Enhanced Format) 9 July 2018]