2 November 2019

AGM of Parent-Teacher Association (2019)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was successfully held on 2 November 2019.  The PTA thanked the school, teachers and parents in contributing to all the events held last year.  Ms Tracy CHENG and Ms Kary FUNG, our school social workers, introduced various programmes, such as parents’ talks and the PTA picnic day of this academic year.  Meanwhile, our Principal, Mr. Francis KWAN, updated everyone on the progress of the redevelopment project and he was grateful for the support and contribution of every member of the Ying Wa family towards the project.  Mr FUNG Kei, the chairperson of the 26th PTA, expressed his gratitude to the 25th PTA and introduced the newly designed YW PTA logo which represents the new spirit of the PTA upon returning to the Robinson Road campus.  He looked forward to achieving a fruitful year ahead.  After the AGM, parents met class teachers and subject teachers to learn more about their child’s academic performance, learning attitude and matters that concerned them.  The election of Parent Managers took place right after the AGM and on 4 Nov 2019.  With the support of parents, the election was successfully held.  The newly elected Parent Manager and Alternative Parent Manager will serve in the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) for two academic years (i.e. 2019 – 2021).