9 May 2018

Art Workshops at "Trial and Error Lab” by Breakthrough

29 students from S3 to S6 participated in two workshops held by Breakthrough at the Trial and Error Lab, an experimental art and youth co-working space. 

On the first day of the Junior Lab Fellow Programme, our students joined two artists-led workshops focusing on how skillful crafts can be achieved continuous practices.  The thorough explanation allowed students to understand the topic.

Workshop A was about Clay Flower (Piping) Jewellery Design by artist, MuChaKuCha.  Students learned about the piping technique used to create certain kinds of flowers and then assembled the clay flowers into a necklace.

Workshop B was about Stamp-Carving by artist, Diyjason.  Students learned the sophisticated technique of rubber stamp carving.  Everyone enjoyed an amazing hands-on experience and created some remarkable stamps at the end.

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